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Yauco, the beautiful Puerto Rican town you’ll love

Part of the Yacromatic movement, the Yauco painted steps

Yauco, Puerto Rico, might be a town that you have never heard of but in terms of Puerto Rican history it has quite the sleepy legacy. Presently, known as the “El Pueblo del Café“, or the town of coffee, Yauco was once the Taíno capital of the island prior to the arrival of the Spanish. Led by chief Agüeybana, and …

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The Legend of Hairy Chicken

It all started thousands of years ago. No one knows exactly where Hairy Chicken originated from, or if there was even an origin. In some ways, Hairy Chicken can be thought of the Indian Chuck Norris. Hairy Chicken is elusive, powerful and legendary. The legend of Hairy Chicken originates from deep within the eastern region of India, from the times …

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Arabic and Hebrew added to the App Store

learn arabic itunes aso

Apple Inc, which previously supported 37 languages in iTunes connect, recently announced in iOS 13 that they have added Arabic and Hebrew as options for App Store localization. This addition is a big step in the app store optimization (ASO) world as it is the first time right to left (RTL) languages have been added to Apple’s metadata. Until now, …

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Long layover in Hong Kong

If you ever have a long layover in Hong Kong and are wondering if it is worth visting the city, do it! It doesn’t matter if you have a 12, 8, or even just 6 hour layover in Hong Kong, it can likely be a cool experience for you. Anything less than that would be difficult, but not impossible. Recently …

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App store localization: Intro to ASO localization

app store localization with Apple

What is app store localization? In ASO, one of the core components for going global is app store localization. App store localization is like app store optimization but in different languages and countries. The main two app stores are the Google Play Store and the iTunes Connect (aka the App Store). Though there are many other stores, each having the …

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Travel video: Backpacking in Colombia

travel video colombia

Over the holiday break between 2018-2019 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit Panamá and Colombia. It was my second time in Central/South America as I had previously visited Ecuador for 10 days, spent a brief few days in Costa Rica, and lived in the Caribbean in Puerto Rico for about a year. This trip to Colombia …

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Google Play Store Localizations

play store localizations google

When it comes time to take your app to international markets, it is essential that you consider all areas that can promote your app. Google Play Store localizations are a great opportunity to bring a multi-lingual approach to your app’s online presence by making an SEO friendly listing optimized for new user discovery. Unlike the App Store which offers 39 …

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iTunes Connect Localizations

itunes connect login page for app store localizations

App Store localization on iTunes Connect is a great way to make your product known to more users through discoverability and also offer a more seamless user experience for other languages your user may speak. It is also a crucial component of ASO or app store optimization as you go international. App Store localization is available for a 39 languages, …

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San Inazio Festival Boise Basque Idaho

San Inazio festival Boise Idaho

This year I had the opportunity to attend the San Inazio festival in Boise, Idaho. San Inazio is an annual festival celebrating the Basque culture and it is hosted by the Basque diaspora in Idaho. The San Inazio festival takes place each July and attracts thousands of visitors both from the old country and USA. There are multiple events each …

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35 Things to do in Lafayette Louisiana

roble en Lafayette con catedral

Things to do in Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette is a bustling city in southwest Louisiana.  It has been described as a little-big town because of its unique contrast of city life and local Cajun traditions.  It has been nicknamed “Cajun country,” “boomtown,” and “the Cajun heartland,” and it is known worldwide for its specialty foods and spices.  If you ever get the …

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A walk around Lake Martin

Lake Martin Breaux Bridge (Louisiana) (Picture gallery below) Lake Martin is a place that I have included both in my things to do in Louisiana and things to do in Lafayette.  Lake Martin is a swamp-lake located in Breaux Bridge, just a short drive from downtown Lafayette.  If I am not mistaken, the Lake was originally formed hundreds of years …

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A Louisiana Crawfish Boil

Inside a Louisiana Style Crawfish Boil Crawfishin’ it’s a Cajun thing The Cajun people have made a name for themselves in recent years. For a long time, Louisiana, thanks to Cajun and other creole cuisines, has developed its reputation for being home to some of the most flavorful food in America. Chefs from all around come to south Louisiana to …

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Megabus Review – How to use Megabus USA

A Megabus Review If you are living, working, or will soon travel between the U.S., United Kingdom, or Canada, then MegaBus can be a good resource for you.  Especially if you are a budget traveler and do a bit of planning to get tickets at an early bird price. Traditionally, Americans have always been somewhat budget shy when it comes …

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Little India New York City

bengali food in new york city

New York is a city well-known for its glamour, grandiose streets, and rapid pace of life. However, once one gets past the constant bustle of the city, you start to notice other things that make New York unique. Outside of its attractions and endless events, one can find some of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods that are compiled of the various …

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RyanAir Review

RyanAir Review

A RyanAir Review Can you really get 5€ flights with RyanAir? When I tell people how I have found such cheap flights in Europe, I have often been met with skepticism and disbelief as we are so used to paying out the big bucks for a flight. Besides, you usually get what you pay for right? After all, isn’t a …

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Things to do in Catalina Island California

Avalon Harbor Catalina Island

Catalina Island is part of the group of islands just off the coast of Los Angeles called the Channels. Catalina is a famed weekend getaway from LA as the ferry to the island takes only about 1 hour. Originally home to the Tongva people, the island was colonized by the Spanish, then passed ownership multiple times before becoming part of …

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Things to do in Burlington Vermont

Stuff to do in Burlington Vermont Vermont is a quiet state tucked away in the historic New England region of the United States.  People who visit Burlington will be surprised to find it is filled with beautiful scenery and landscape.  Vermont has some mountains and great hiking venues, and it makes the perfect destination for a person looking to see …

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Long Beach Bayou Festival California

The Long Beach Bayou Festival just completed its 32nd annual event paying celebrating the Louisiana Cajun culture with music, food, and the ‘laissez les bons temps rouler’ attitude. Learn more about the Cajun way of life here:… Being from Louisiana, I was quite surprised to learn about a Cajun festival in Long Beach. Even more interesting was that it …

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Ethnic neighborhoods in NYC

Greenpoint to Manhattan view

Diversity. It’s a word that lots of cities claim, but few actually achieve. There are definitely plenty of cosmopolitan cities, but none seem to capture the essence of the world in a city like New York City. As Jovanotti put it in his song New York for Life, “There’s no place where you can find a piece of every place, …

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Where to see alligators in Louisiana?

Gator xing alligator crossing sign

Want to see an alligator in Louisiana? Perhaps even hold a baby alligator? Louisiana alligators are an integral part of the ecosystem and frankly Louisiana just wouldn’t be the same without them. When planning your visit to Louisiana seeing an alligator is one of the top things to do! Where is the best place to find one? It depends. It depends …

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Localization resources for l10n professionals

Localization resources for professionals

In the past few years, I’ve scoured the internet looking for resources for localization professionals. The internet can be a great tool, but it can also be overwhelming. When we search for l10n terms in a search engine, we often get vendors or Wiki articles and less often get directed through channels without digging. I’ve collected a lot of my …

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In case you missed it – language and localization news Issue: Issue 1

language on your mind

In this issue, I’ve gathered several of the interesting findings in language and/or localization that I’ve come across over the last few months. From new research findings on Australian languages to talking killer whales, language and communication is forever fascinating. We simply wouldn’t be us without it.   1.) Australian linguists have determined that Australian languages (indigenous) have a single …

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Lafayette Holi Festival

Lafayette Holi Festival 2018 Dhol drum

Holi Lafayette has become one of the most anticipated annual events. In preparation for Holi festival 2018, here’s a tribute video to the Lafayette Holi in Louisiana. Are you prepared to party this spring? In the last few years the adoption of Holi in America has become increasingly widespread. While there are many imitations, few festivals seem to capture the …

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Ecuador travel tips and advice

Overlooking Quito Ecuador

Recently, completing my article of things to do in Ecuador in 10 days. I thought it would be helpful to add some travel tips and advice for Ecuador as well. Ecuador was my first visit to South America; hopefully the first of many. I’ve been to other LATAM areas such as Mexico, Costa Rica, and lived in on the Caribbean …

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10 Days in Ecuador itinerary

Puente de Cuyabeno Amazon

Interested in visiting Ecuador, but not sure if 10 days is worth it? I asked myself the same question. Last year I was in transition between jobs and was looking for a new destination to visit. I had not been to South America before and wanted to experience it, especially after spending time traveling in Puerto Rico and backpacking through …

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Things to do in LA this weekend List

Overlooking downtown Los Angeles from Los Feliz

Los Angeles is an expansive Southern Californian city known for its weather, coastal access, and scenic surrounding terrain. With so much land, there are a lot of things to do in Los Angeles and options for people with different interests. I’ve always been an advocate of getting to know the city you live or visit, which often includes lesser known …

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Living in Los Angeles without a car

Hollywood sign

Is it even possible to not have a car in LA? So, I relocated to LA from NYC in February to pursue a new opportunity. I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d only been to California once before and ended up with a broken leg. Everyone warned me, moving to Los Angeles without a car is impossible. “You HAVE …

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New Video: Backpacking in Ecuador

In 2017, I was able to take a short trip to Ecuador. Though brief, the experience was very enriching. I was able to visit 2 of the 3 major regions of the country and see several cities along the way. It was my first time in South America although since then, I have been able to visit Colombia as well. …

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New York City on Crutches

I’ve spent a lot of my adult years trying to be appreciative for what I have rather than what I do not. Admittedly, this isn’t always an easy task, especially in a world that constantly preaches more. Though life seems to throw things in your direction ever once in a while just to make sure you are holding true to …

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Street art: Is there a purpose? Plus Mission District

How influential is street art to society? Whenever I visit any new city, I usually look for that one neighborhood that has a unique character to it. It might not be the most visited nor the most recommended of any particular place, but it almost always has a story to tell. A story that might not be verbal. A story …

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New Video: Traveling in Quebec

My most recent travels have been to Quebec Canada and San Francisco. I’m starting to put up some posts about both now, but am still working on those from Quebec. This video traces my trip with clips from many of the places that I visited including: Montréal, Québec, Canada Québec City, Québec, Canada Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive (Les Éboulements), Québec, Canada La …

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Street Art in Montreal Canada

The Artistic Scene in Montreal It has been a few years since I first visited Montreal. Both times have been brief, but enjoyable. Also, I think it has helped that I have visited twice during the summer months as I am not sure that I would fare so well in the winter. The last time I visited, I was interested …

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My 20 favorite language quotes

Language quotes touching history

And why I like them. In line with my week of posts on the celebration of languages leading up to International Mother Tongue Day, I wanted to make a post about some of my favorite quotes on languages. Some of these quotes have been inspirational over the years in giving me reason and purpose to language learning itself, whereas others …

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The Importance of localizing your speech

Roman aqueducts in Barcelona

Language learning is a curious personal journey through the mind of each individual speaker who you interact with along the way. There is a funny thing about the importance of changing your way of speaking not only in different situations, but for different people who you speak with. This is something that I’ve found to be necessary in effective communication and …

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5 Tips to Overcome Language ADD

multiple language books language add

Few things are more daunting to me than having an unquenchable fascination with the world’s languages. It can be a bit overwhelming at times when you have a desire to know them all. I guess what I’m speaking about is a bit of a polyglot problem, or at least this aspiring polyglot’s problem, but it is a real one none …

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What got me so interested in learning languages

Catania Sicily

I don’t think that I ever actually shared what got me so interested in languages on my blog or why I ever started in the first place. One might guess that it comes from my interests in culture or travel, and those would both be correct, but those aren’t the whole truth. Just a part of it. In the interest …

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How to ask someone where they are from, nicely

With the title of this article, you might think, well why don’t you just ask them where they are from? Of course this would be the easiest and most direct route, but in my experience it isn’t always the most diplomatic. In fact, it can sometimes be a source of insecurity and alienation, more than you may realize. When I …

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Is Puerto Rico Safe to Travel In?

The Safety Question of La Isla del Encanto Is Puerto Rico really as dangerous as they say? Dwelling in the topics of safety and travel are not typically terms that I like to associate with one another. In fact, they are typically things that I like to disassociate with one another. However, even I will admit, there is a safety …

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I almost died in Puerto Rico

But it was totally worth it… Not to over-dramatize things here, but I did have a close call with my end while hiking in the backwoods of Puerto Rico. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am alive and well and live to tell the tale. Even though I had a briefly contracted a mosquito born illness while on the island, the …

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Fall in Prospect Park New York City

Here are some pictures that I took in Prospect Park in late November when the leaves were changing colors. Prospect Park is one of the best places to relax in NYC! It’s like the Central Park for Brooklyn.     Have a good day!

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The Act of Giving

Last night I saw a unique random act of kindness. Something you don’t see to often in the big city, or maybe it’s just that you don’t notice them as much. It isn’t that people aren’t kind, but rather that they are often too busy with their own lives to see what’s going on around them. Also, I find that the …

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Travel tips for Puerto Rico

waterfall in puerto rico

Helpful Tips for Traveling in Puerto Rico   1.) Plan out your accommodation beforehand One of the most frustrating things about Puerto Rico is the lack of accommodation, or affordable accommodation, for backpackers. Thousands of tourists visit San Juan annually  and stay in the fancy beach front hotels, or one of the other numerous resorts around the island. However, if …

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Why Everyone Should Visit New York City

New York’s Energy From My Perspective There has always been something alluring to me about New York City. New York City is not such an easy city to define though. I’ve explored the great Istanbul, walked the streets of the eternal city of Rome, and sat in the cool sand under the most beautiful night sky in the Moroccan Sahara. …

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The Taino Indians of Puerto Rico

Taino rocks

The Original Boricuas I have been wanting to write an article explaining a side or founding block of Puerto Rican culture that few outside of the island know about. It is a legacy that goes back several hundred years before the arrival of the Europeans and the creation of the so say “new world”. It is a root that has …

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Street art walking tour in Bushwick

Exploring Bushwick’s Street Art Since I first moved to New York in July, I have been doing my best to explore each of the neighborhoods of New York City. I’ve seen a lot of the ‘international’ neighborhoods, as well as a few others, but have been recently trying to visit a few of the ones closer to where I live. …

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