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Lake Martin Breaux Bridge (Louisiana)

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Lake Martin is a place that I have included both in my things to do in Louisiana and things to do in Lafayette.  Lake Martin is a swamp-lake located in Breaux Bridge, just a short drive from downtown Lafayette.  If I am not mistaken, the Lake was originally formed hundreds of years ago from the Mississippi river, long before the construction of the current levee system, which now guides the river.  The Mississippi River used to flood the flat lands of Louisiana annually. Then, the River was not controlled at all.Lake Martin Louisiana in fall

Lake Martin is a glimpse of a swamp on a small-scale.  It is easily accessible by car or by foot, and there are boat tours within the lake.  The Lake is home to a majority of species of flora and fauna including the Louisiana alligator.  Annually 1000s of migratory birds roost in the trees of the Lake.  According to one source, there is an estimated 400-500 alligators living in the Lake.  Among birds and alligators, are a variety of fish species, turtles, snakes, and more.

Cyprus trees at lake martin Louisiana.

There is a walking trail around the lake for the hiking and outdoor types.  People who enjoy a good walk would enjoy the nature trail that surrounds the Lake.  It is roughly 4-5 miles in diameter and takes at least 1-2 hours to walk in its entirety.  I went this past weekend to walk the trail and enjoyed the experience.  The trail is only open for part of the year, when the alligators are not nesting.  It is free to enter, and there is parking at the front gate and in the down the road.

When is the best time to visit Lake Martin?

In my opinion, the best times to visit Lake Martin would be the warmer months of the year.  The trees are greener and the animals are out.  You will get to see the animals such as alligators, which are hibernating during the colder months of the year.  Spring, summer, and even early fall would all be nice times to visit, roughly, April-October.  The winter is much quieter.

What to do in Lake Martin?

Lake Martin is small, but there are a few things to do there. Lake Martin is a great place for photographers to spend a few hours taking photos.  The scenery is lush and animals are photogenic.  Others, may enjoy a swamp tour with one of the local agencies.  In addition, there is a house Maison Madeleine may be an option for people who look to spend the night.  It is a bed and breakfast that is locally owned and operated by a Louisiana native.  Her house is a traditional Acadian home, authentically complete with mud walls! Adventure types might enjoy Kayaking or Canoeing the Lake.  Rentals from local agencies available.

Birdwatchers might enjoy picking up a list from the nature station or Maison for possible bird species that live in the area.

Also, you could make a nice walk around the lake.

Why Lake Martin?

Lake martin is not the only swamp, or swampy-lake in the area.  It is just one of the most easily accessible where you can actually get out into the swamp relatively easily and quick.  When you first drive into Lake Martin, you are virtually in the swamp.  You can see animals and scenery almost instantly when you drive in. The Atchafalaya, not too far down the road, is much larger, but not as easily accessed.  You often have to pay for parking or use a landing for a boat, and you aren’t too close to the actual swamp. The choice is yours, but it is a good destination for you if you are in the area.

How to get to Lake Martin?

Lake Martin can be accessed from two directions.  Lake Martin is located on Highway 353, also called the Prairie Highway or Lake Martin Road.  You can access highway 353 from Carmel Drive.  When driving southeast on Highway 353, Lake Martin will be on your left.

The other way to access Lake Martin is from Parish Road 170, which can be accessed from the Main Highway in Breaux Bridge.


What are your thoughts?

How did you enjoy my Lake Martin review?  Have you been to Lake Martin before?


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  1. It looks like an interesting place. I’ve never been but did once go to a park in Texas which had lots of alligators. It was a weird experience at first but I soon got used to the idea of being safe as long as I remained vigilant.

    • Haha, alligators are a lot more threatening looking than they actually are. They are much more docile than crocodiles, unless it is during mating season. I didn’t know that there were too many places in Texas with gators.

  2. I like it as a place for relaxation. It’s peaceful and beautiful.

  3. Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. These are some lovely pictures.

    Looks a little cold though ! 🙂 I like the picture of the old bridge – it has a spooky feel to it!



    • Hey Scott, thanks. It is a little cold right now. However, in the spring and summer Louisiana can be very hot. Louisiana weather is very inconsistent. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Bonjour,
    Je suis Français, votre article est vraiment intéressant! Je vais visiter le lac l’an prochain… Merci!

    I’m French! It’s is an interesting article! Very complete!
    I’ll visit next year the lake during my travel in New Orleans!


    • Merci Vincent! It is a nice place. You should definitely check out the city of Lafayette and other things around why you are in the area. There are still some French speakers in the area, which I think would be an interesting experience for you. Thanks for the comment. Let me know if I can help you when you come to Louisiana. Bienvenue a Louisiane!

  5. Loved it, sent it to my son, he’s a photographer from Nashville and he’s down for a couple of days. Kool, thanks

  6. Jane Patterson

    I’m so glad you mentioned kayaking, because Lake Martin is absolutely my favorite place to kayak in south Louisiana (so far) because you can get up in the cypress-tupelo forest. You recommend the warmer month; I think most people would find our summer too hot for a walk around the lake what with 90 plus degree temps and humidity approaching 100%. You’d definitely have to be well prepared. But from March when the wading birds return for nesting, through most of May, it’s quite enjoyable. And then in fall from late Sept through Oct, it’s great. I love the winter, too. Still plenty to see though the gators and snakes are all snoozing. Should be on everyone’s must see list when visiting Louisiana!

  7. Walking or paddling around the lake is one of the best things I love to do, it gives a person the time to think and process many things and at the same time enjoy nature, what your thoughts?
    John Spear recently posted…10 Best 2-Person Towable Tubes for Exciting Behind the Boat ExperienceMy Profile

  8. I would love to do some kayaking there… is that allow?

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