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35 Things to do in Lafayette Louisiana

roble en Lafayette con catedral

Things to do in Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette is a bustling city in southwest Louisiana.  It has been described as a little-big town because of its unique contrast of city life and local Cajun traditions.  It has been nicknamed “Cajun country,” “boomtown,” and “the Cajun heartland,” and it is known worldwide for its specialty foods and spices.  If you ever get the …

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Landmarks of Louisiana

Famous landmarks of Louisiana Louisiana is famous because of its unique history and heritage.  The State is known internationally for its ties to colonial Spain and France, as well as its influence as an economic trading port via New Orleans.  Like any other place, Louisiana has several famous landmarks that have become synonymous with its brand.  I came up with …

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Why You Should Visit Louisiana

My 5 Reasons to visit Louisiana Traveling through the states is always a fun time.  The states are an interesting mixture of people, to say the least.  Usually, people will stop in the major landmarks to see things like the Grand Canyon, or New York city, but often skip the other interesting things that the states have to offer.  Truthfully, those …

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