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App store localization: Intro to ASO localization

app store localization with Apple

What is app store localization? In ASO, one of the core components for going global is app store localization. App store localization is like app store optimization but in different languages and countries. The main two app stores are the Google Play Store and the iTunes Connect (aka the App Store). Though there are many other stores, each having the …

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Google Play Store Localizations

play store localizations google

When it comes time to take your app to international markets, it is essential that you consider all areas that can promote your app. Google Play Store localizations are a great opportunity to bring a multi-lingual approach to your app’s online presence by making an SEO friendly listing optimized for new user discovery. Unlike the App Store which offers 39 …

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iTunes Connect Localizations

itunes connect login page for app store localizations

App Store localization on iTunes Connect is a great way to make your product known to more users through discoverability and also offer a more seamless user experience for other languages your user may speak. It is also a crucial component of ASO or app store optimization as you go international. App Store localization is available for a 39 languages, …

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