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Arabic and Hebrew added to the App Store

learn arabic itunes aso

Apple Inc, which previously supported 37 languages in iTunes connect, recently announced in iOS 13 that they have added Arabic and Hebrew as options for App Store localization. This addition is a big step in the app store optimization (ASO) world as it is the first time right to left (RTL) languages have been added to Apple’s metadata. Until now, …

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App store localization: Intro to ASO localization

app store localization with Apple

What is app store localization? In ASO, one of the core components for going global is app store localization. App store localization is like app store optimization but in different languages and countries. The main two app stores are the Google Play Store and the iTunes Connect (aka the App Store). Though there are many other stores, each having the …

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Google Play Store Localizations

play store localizations google

When it comes time to take your app to international markets, it is essential that you consider all areas that can promote your app. Google Play Store localizations are a great opportunity to bring a multi-lingual approach to your app’s online presence by making an SEO friendly listing optimized for new user discovery. Unlike the App Store which offers 39 …

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iTunes Connect Localizations

itunes connect login page for app store localizations

App Store localization on iTunes Connect is a great way to make your product known to more users through discoverability and also offer a more seamless user experience for other languages your user may speak. It is also a crucial component of ASO or app store optimization as you go international. App Store localization is available for a 39 languages, …

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Localization resources for l10n professionals

Localization resources for professionals

In the past few years, I’ve scoured the internet looking for resources for localization professionals. The internet can be a great tool, but it can also be overwhelming. When we search for l10n terms in a search engine, we often get vendors or Wiki articles and less often get directed through channels without digging. I’ve collected a lot of my …

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In case you missed it – language and localization news Issue: Issue 1

language on your mind

In this issue, I’ve gathered several of the interesting findings in language and/or localization that I’ve come across over the last few months. From new research findings on Australian languages to talking killer whales, language and communication is forever fascinating. We simply wouldn’t be us without it.   1.) Australian linguists have determined that Australian languages (indigenous) have a single …

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My 20 favorite language quotes

Language quotes touching history

And why I like them. In line with my week of posts on the celebration of languages leading up to International Mother Tongue Day, I wanted to make a post about some of my favorite quotes on languages. Some of these quotes have been inspirational over the years in giving me reason and purpose to language learning itself, whereas others …

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The Importance of localizing your speech

Roman aqueducts in Barcelona

Language learning is a curious personal journey through the mind of each individual speaker who you interact with along the way. There is a funny thing about the importance of changing your way of speaking not only in different situations, but for different people who you speak with. This is something that I’ve found to be necessary in effective communication and …

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5 Tips to Overcome Language ADD

multiple language books language add

Few things are more daunting to me than having an unquenchable fascination with the world’s languages. It can be a bit overwhelming at times when you have a desire to know them all. I guess what I’m speaking about is a bit of a polyglot problem, or at least this aspiring polyglot’s problem, but it is a real one none …

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What got me so interested in learning languages

Catania Sicily

I don’t think that I ever actually shared what got me so interested in languages on my blog or why I ever started in the first place. One might guess that it comes from my interests in culture or travel, and those would both be correct, but those aren’t the whole truth. Just a part of it. In the interest …

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Defining yourself as a hostel manager

As I have just launched my new series hostel management tips, I thought that it would be fitting to start the series with a talk about defining yourself as the manager of a hostel. I’ve learned a ton of things about managing a business over the last two months. I’ve been exposed to both fantastic and terrible people. I’ve had …

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Hostel Management Tips

So now that I have started to work as a hostel manager, I have decided to open up a new series on my site. I’d like to introduce you to this new section on hostel management and tips for running a hostel. I will be sharing what I learn along the way, my experiences, tips, tools, and maybe even some …

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Best Travel Langauges

Best Languages to Know for Traveler I have often been asked about the best travel languages to learn. It is common for people to think that English is the best travel language, or that it is all you need. In my experience, English helps, but it is better to know other languages, especially if you plan on traveling extensively. There …

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What a Manager can gain from Traveling

What a business manager can gain from traveling And you thought traveling was only for hippies and vagabonds? One of the topics on my site is international business.  Having a background in international relations, I find that international relations is a very often overlooked realm of our globalized business world.  I have often argued in my other articles things like …

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Language Learning Reviews: Livemocha and Duolingo

Language Learning Program Reviews A match made in polyglot heaven? UPDATE: This article was written several years ago before Rosetta Stone purchased LiveMocha. My opinions of LiveMocha are no longer good. I’d recommend only using DuoLingo, which is a great free language learning software for several European languages. LiveMocha used to be a great tool and resource, but has been …

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How to maintain your professional network when you travel

Keeping in touch with your network There comes a time in every traveler’s life, when they must decide between going back to a stable and steady life, or continuing on a path of adventure: the nomadic lifestyle.  Few will choose the latter, and most will move on to other things in life.  In another article I argued the point, why …

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Unique world languages

Interesting World Languages A few unique world languages to share Languages are what drive our world.  Many believe that the art of communication goes hand-in-hand with man’s development.  As we have improved our communication, we have improved our world, to an extent at least.  From the very first grunts to sophisticated debates and public forums, languages have evolved in a …

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When to start learning another language?

About those Languages I write a lot about language learning and different world languages.  Although, I do not know many well, I thoroughly enjoy studying, comparing, and learning new words in another language.  The very construction of language as a form of communication interests me.  I have written multiple articles on ways to learn a langauge, practice a language and …

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Which language should you learn?

What language should you learn? Some food for thought on choosing a language Deciding which language you should learn requires a bit of thought.  The thought process for choosing a language will vary somewhat depending on the person, goals, and linguistic background.  There are currently between 6,000-7,400 languages in the world, which is down significantly from pre-colonial numbers.  Experts believe that …

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Words and Phrases you should know in every Language

Best words to know in a language: The Big 5 In traveling, few things are more cherished by me than the preservation of culture.  I believe that as travelers, we have a responsibility with the places that we visit to respect them and their culture.  In exchange for our respect, we are shown the world. Language learning is not natural to everyone. …

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3 International Marketing Blunders You Shouldn’t Forget

International Marketing Blunders As our world becomes more and more globalized, it seems that the need for businesses to expand, localize, and broaden their horizons is forever changing.  Nowadays, businesses need to be aware of the impact that their products are making around the world as well as how they are received by locals.  International marketing is where many of …

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7 Great Ways to Practice Foreign Languages

How to practice foreign languages with minimal effort Language learning is one of my favorite topics.  Languages are what drive the world.  Think about it.  Perhaps, do you remember a time when you were traveling and ordered something but didn’t actually order what you thought?  How about the other day when you were eating dinner at that restaurant and got …

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The Entrepreneur vs. The Traveler

Travel vs. Entrepreneurship: The Travel Entrepreneur A look at the similarities between being a traveler and being an entrepreneur I wrote an article not too long ago that could be called a precursor to this one.  That article, was discussing the 7 reasons why entrepreneurs should travel.  In this article, I am going to compare entrepreneurs and travelers by making …

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How to find a Job Abroad

Working Internationally Times have changed, and so have careers.  It was hardly 50 years ago and the average lifestyle seemed to be routine.  Go to high school, graduate, then either find a job or go to college.  If you went to college, you would be expected to start work immediately after.  Usually not far from where you grew up.  In …

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Why Backpacking is not Solely for “Backpackers”

An Unconventional Perspective on Backpacking Why you should go for it Surely not everyone is meant to or even has the desire to travel like a backpacker.  There are those who seek the comforts of home even when traveling abroad.  Then, there is the backpacker; the somewhat undefinable person, who seeks the difficult and thrives in the challenges of the …

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7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel

Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel A look at supporting evidence for the international entrepreneur Partly due to my past university studies, I tend to be more idea oriented to the business side of things.  Because of this, I constantly look for opportunities, and whether I choose to pursue them or not, I still look into their feasibility and overall outlook as …

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Talking politics abroad: A how to guide for the conscious traveler

Talking Politics Abroad A How To Guide for the Conscious Traveler My first time traveling, I was adamantly instructed not to discuss politics.  They told me, “it was better to leave politics out of the conversation.”  After doing a good bit of traveling on my own, I can firmly say that I disagree.  Although there is some logic to keeping …

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