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Things to do in Burlington Vermont

Things to do in Burlington Vermont

Stuff to do in Burlington Vermont

Vermont is a quiet state tucked away in the historic New England region of the United States.  People who visit Burlington will be surprised to find it is filled with beautiful scenery and landscape.  Vermont has some mountains and great hiking venues, and it makes the perfect destination for a person looking to see some of the great outdoors while using a small town as their base.

Burlington is an eccentric city located on Lake Champlain in Northern Vermont.  It has a colorful culture and pristine places to relax.  Burlington makes a nice day trip or weekend getaway for most any traveler.  If you ever have some time for a trip while in New England, here is a list of things to do in Burlington Vermont.

8 things to do in Burlington Vermont

  1. Burlington Bike Path– Outdoorsy and adventure sport people will be happy to know that Burlington has a great bike path, which follows a historic railway route.  Not up for a bike ride?  No worries, you can walk the path just the same.

  2. Church Street Marketplace– If I were to name a “Main Street” or center to Burlington this would be it.  Filled with the best shopping that Burlington has to offer coupled with several nice restaurants is Church Street.
  3. Waterfront Park– There is not too much to the waterfront park outside of the fact that it is there.  However, it makes for a nice grassy area to relax with friends and/or family.  It makes a great location for recreational sports as well.
  4. North Beach Park– North Beach is probably the most relaxing area of Burlington.  In fact, with good weather it really can’t be beat as far as fresh water beaches go.  North Beach is just north (go figure) of Burlington’s ‘downtown’.  It has a nice sandy beach and an even nicer lake that you can swim in if you wish.  You are surrounded by trees and nature, which make for a peaceful day.
  5. University of Vermont – For academics and other people with interest, Burlington is home to the University of Vermont.  You can walk the campus or likely find a tour.  (The Megabus station is also at the University of Vermont)
  6. Marina– The marina is little, but quaint.  It has a nice vibe about it as the few small boats come and go for their daily spin on the lake.  The marina is home to several fishing and recreation boats.  There are also a few shops around the marina.
  7. Ferry to New York – Upstate New York is only a short ferry ride across Lake Champlain.  Looking across the lake you can see the rolling foothills of the Adirondacks.  There are daily commutes to Port Kent during the warmer months, and the fare is less than $6 for an adult.
  8. Eat Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream– Who can visit Vermont without stopping to get a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream??  Not me apparently… After walking for a while, I found myself at the corner Cherry Garcia and Church Street in front of the Ben & Jerry’s outlet.  Immediately after convincing myself that I didn’t need it, I walked in and bought a nice waffle cone filled with a delicious mix, which I enjoyed in one of the chairs outside.  In case you were wondering, the actual Ben & Jerry’s Headquarters is only about 45 minutes up the road in Waterbury, Vermont.

How to get to Burlington Vermont?

You can arrive to Burlington from several directions.  Burlington is a stopover from Montreal for Greyhound en route to Boston.  Megabus also has trips from Burlington to Boston daily.  If taking a bus isn’t your thing than you can hope on a plane to fly into Burlington airport.  During warm months, there is a ferry from upstate New York, which transfers cars.

Some Concluding Thoughts on Burlington

Truthfully, as far as small towns go, Burlington has an interesting outlook.  It is a small town, but it seems to be a content city.  By some accounts, Burlington Vermont is one of the happiest cities in the country.  It may not be worth crossing international borders to see (unless of course that border is Canada, in which case it is), but it is definitely worth the visit if you ever find yourself in the area.  If you do, you are now equipped with several things to do when you get there.  Thus, you have 8 things to do in Burlington Vermont.


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  1. I’ll do my best to make it up there next time I am traveling the states! I can’t go during the winter though man too cold. 🙂

  2. Paul Melanson via Facebook

    Burlington is indeed a very cool small city with a great vibe. It was actually at one time voted by Outside Magazine the Best Place to Live in the U.S.A. Any place that can produce the phenomenal jam band Phish has got to tell you something about the place!

  3. Really? I did hear that it was one of the happiest though. I can imagine, I was lucky to be there for exceptional weather, but I’d go back. I didn’t know that Phish was from there?

  4. Paul Melanson via Facebook

    I love Burlington … its cool that you had a chance to go visit there! Vermont in general is a really funky and laid back beautiful state.

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