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Words and Phrases you should know in every Language

Best words to know in a language: The Big 5 In traveling, few things are more cherished by me than the preservation of culture.  I believe that as travelers, we have a responsibility with the places that we visit to respect them and their culture.  In exchange for our respect, we are shown the world. Language learning is not natural to everyone. ... Read More »

Louisiana words you won’t be able to spell, even after visiting

Louisiana words Louisiana has a very colorful history.  Many people don’t know that Louisiana’s history is still closely relevant today.  You might notice it purely in the culture.  Or perhaps, in the cities; however, if nothing else, you will most definitely notice its history by the names you see when you visit Louisiana.  Many cities, towns, rivers, lakes, and even ... Read More »

Great Small Towns in Louisiana for Photography

Small Towns in Louisiana Louisiana is truly one of the more unique states in the United States.  I say that, not because I am from the state, but because I have seen what many of the others have to offer.  Granted, each state has something unique about it, and there are some really beautiful places around America.  Because of Louisiana’s ... Read More »

Morocco Photos

Morocco Photos  Some pictures of Morocco This past summer, I was afforded the opportunity to spend some time in Morocco.  Before going to Morocco, I had never been to continental Africa.  I had only been to a few places, which were predominately Muslim such as Bosnia and Turkey.  I didn’t really know what to expect when I visited Morocco, but ... Read More »

3 International Marketing Blunders You Shouldn’t Forget

International Marketing Blunders As our world becomes more and more globalized, it seems that the need for businesses to expand, localize, and broaden their horizons is forever changing.  Nowadays, businesses need to be aware of the impact that their products are making around the world as well as how they are received by locals.  International marketing is where many of ... Read More »

25 Lessons I’ve Learned by 25

What I’ve Learned from the Road This article is about what I’ve learned from being on the road and traveling parts of the world. 1.) Never pass up an opportunity to do something new.  You might not get a second chance.  You really never know what you can learn from one experience no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. ... Read More »

The many faces of the Louisiana Fleur-de-Lis

The Louisiana Fleur-de-Lis Although the fleur-de-lis has been symbolic in France and Italy for centuries, the symbol has become undertaken a much deeper and cultural meaning with the state of Louisiana.  Over the years the fleur-de-lis has been cited for having religious, status, and even  personal meanings. Today, the fleur-de-lis is an iconic symbol of Louisiana taking many forms.  Businesses, ... Read More »

Speaking to internationals in any language

Why would you throw a rock at a post card vendor? 8 Tips for speaking to internationals and communicating in any language This article is about exactly what it sounds.  If you have ever been frustrated before when speaking to locals in a new language that you are learning, then you will probably appreciate what I am about to say. ... Read More »

Road Envy: The Opposite of Homesickness

 What is the opposite of homesickness?   A while ago, I was thinking about possible alternatives to the word “homesick” or the idea of “homesickness”.  After contemplating the thought, I came to the conclusion that we don’t really have any good terms associated with homesickness. Sure we have wanderlust, cabin fever, and a few more, but those words do not ... Read More »

High Season vs Low Season Travel

Should you travel during high season or low season Which should you choose? Traveling at any time is a good idea.  The season in which you travel though is something that you might want to spend some time thinking about before leaving.  It depends primarily on your goals and budget, but also to a lesser degree, on the experience you will have ... Read More »

Are Yankees Rude?

Northern vs. Southern A Comparison between the North and the South I vividly remember walking around in a New England city when I was a little boy and being dumbfounded when someone didn’t say “excuse me” when they bumped into me.  Since then, I have been mildly perplexed by the idea of northerners vs southerners, from a cultural standpoint.  Time ... Read More »

7 Great Ways to Practice Foreign Languages

How to practice foreign languages with minimal effort Language learning is one of my favorite topics.  Languages are what drive the world.  Think about it.  Perhaps, do you remember a time when you were traveling and ordered something but didn’t actually order what you thought?  How about the other day when you were eating dinner at that restaurant and got ... Read More »

Tales from the Balkans

The Balkans A backpacker’s view of the Balkan War and its lasting impact Brief History of the Balkans and its Recent War The Balkans are a very colorful and historically rich region in Europe.  The Balkans loosely consist of all the countries south of Slovenia and Romania.  Definitions change depending on who you ask, but most would say that Turkey ... Read More »

The Entrepreneur vs. The Traveler

Travel vs. Entrepreneurship: The Travel Entrepreneur A look at the similarities between being a traveler and being an entrepreneur I wrote an article not too long ago that could be called a precursor to this one.  That article, was discussing the 7 reasons why entrepreneurs should travel.  In this article, I am going to compare entrepreneurs and travelers by making ... Read More »

French Quarter Photos

Pictures of the French Quarter A photo essay of the New Orleans French Quarter Below you will find a series of French Quarter photos.  Taken from around the French Quarter, these photos represent some of the sights that the New Orleans French Quarter has to offer.  The French Quarter is a very historic district in Louisiana.  It can easily trace ... Read More »

New Diplomacy: How it Affects You

New Diplomacy What it means and why you should care New Diplomacy is the idea that the common citizen has a role in modern diplomacy.  Taken further, it means that interactions between people from around the globe will help to shape foreign policies and ideals through learning and cultural sharing.  By interacting closely with one another in a real world ... Read More »

13 Things that Europeans Don’t Know About America

American vs European Culture After the Natives, no group of people has influenced the United States of America greater than the many different cultures of Europe.  Europeans were and have been instrumental in the foundation of the Country.  Although, the demographic outlook of the United States is far more mixed today than ever, Europeans were still the primary instigators in this ... Read More »

Why you should visit the Balkans

Visit the Balkans A Few Quick Reasons to Visit the Balkans The Balkans combine to make a region of Europe that is often passed over by visitors.  In fact, there are far few visitors to Eastern Europe annually than to most Western European nations.  The most visited places in Europe tend to be France (Paris), Italy (Rome), Spain (Barcelona), and ... Read More »

Things that people miss about America when Traveling

Best Things about America What America Does Well The U.S. of A.; some love it, some hate it, but I guarantee that most who live in it can agree that a few aspects that exist within America are worth missing.  After some contemplation, I have come up with my own list of things America does better than other places that ... Read More »

Things to do in Louisiana

73 Fun Things to do in Louisiana Here is a list of things to do in Louisiana should you be looking for something to do.  They are not in any particular order, so do not think that they are from worst to best, least to greatest or vice-versa because they are not.  The last number could be just as good ... Read More »

How to find a Job Abroad

Working Internationally Times have changed, and so have careers.  It was hardly 50 years ago and the average lifestyle seemed to be routine.  Go to high school, graduate, then either find a job or go to college.  If you went to college, you would be expected to start work immediately after.  Usually not far from where you grew up.  In ... Read More »

What to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

A List of Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia Beautiful Croatia Croatia is a beautiful country.  Located across the Adriatic from the Eastern shores of Italia is Dubrovnik.  Dubrovnik is a medieval-like walled city surrounded by a picturesque landscape.  If you are ever wondering what to do in Dubrovnik, here is a list of 10 things to do in Dubrovnik ... Read More »

Live Happier

 Reasons to Enjoy life There are endless ‘purpose of life’ philosophies out there.  Simply type ‘the purpose of life’ in any major search engine and you will have reading material for years to come.  Philosophies primarily differ depending on religious creeds, cultural backgrounds, family values, and the economic focus of the person.  At some point, most of the philosophies boil ... Read More »

Pictures of Detroit

Detroit in Photos A photo essay of Detroit This is a photo essay about Detroit.  If you haven’t read my article Is Detroit that Bad? try to read it when you get a chance.  I think that you would find it interesting.  Especially if you want a personal opinion on the current state of Detroit.  I recently visited there and got ... Read More »

Landmarks of Louisiana

Famous landmarks of Louisiana Louisiana is famous because of its unique history and heritage.  The State is known internationally for its ties to colonial Spain and France, as well as its influence as an economic trading port via New Orleans.  Like any other place, Louisiana has several famous landmarks that have become synonymous with its brand.  I came up with ... Read More »

9 Reasons to get off the Beaten Path

Why you should go to less touristy parts of a country Motivation for travel off the beaten path More authentic experience.  A friend once told me that if you want to truly understand people, you have to live right next to them and walk a day in their shoes.  Although I think very highly of large cities, I find that ... Read More »

Hostel People – The people at your hostel

Hostel Demographics: The Types of People at your Hostel Right Now This post is about the types of people who you usually find in a hostel.  Let’s call them hostel people.  It is not meant to be taken overly seriously.  It is just for fun, tell me what you think! The socialite – You have to start it off with ... Read More »

The Best Travel Books That Aren’t Travel Books

The Best Travel Books that I have read 5 Good Travel Books that I Recommend Reading Reading is like traveling in many ways.  When a person is reading, every page can be a new adventure or twist to a story line.  People can live out their wildest dreams by reading a book, just as the traveler experiences a whole new ... Read More »

Is Detroit that Bad?

Detroit Michigan The state of Detroit I have always been perplexed by places that people seem to despise.  In fact, if someone ever tells me that I shouldn’t go somewhere, I always seem to find my way there sooner or later.  Driven both by curiosity and intrigue, I seek answers.  I want to get to the bottom of things and ... Read More »

Why Backpacking is not Solely for “Backpackers”

An Unconventional Perspective on Backpacking Why you should go for it Surely not everyone is meant to or even has the desire to travel like a backpacker.  There are those who seek the comforts of home even when traveling abroad.  Then, there is the backpacker; the somewhat undefinable person, who seeks the difficult and thrives in the challenges of the ... Read More »

10 Interesting things to do in New York City

New York, New York 10 Things to do in the Big Apple New York City is probably the most interesting city that I have ever been to.  This is true for multiple reasons, but most noticeably due to its uniqueness in character.  The City is one of the most interesting mixes of everything that I have experienced.  People from all ... Read More »

7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel

Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel A look at supporting evidence for the international entrepreneur Partly due to my past university studies, I tend to be more idea oriented to the business side of things.  Because of this, I constantly look for opportunities, and whether I choose to pursue them or not, I still look into their feasibility and overall outlook as ... Read More »

Facts about Louisiana

Facts about Louisiana This is an article including facts about Louisiana from a local.  I have included a few random interesting facts, but others that are more obvious as well. Louisiana does not have counties.  There are no counties in Louisiana.  As a sign of our cultural history in Louisiana, the connections to the Cajun French heritage has yielded Parishes.  Therefore, ... Read More »

How to Avoid Pickpockets: The Psychology of a Thief

Avoid pickpockets The Psychology of a Thief In backpacking, few things are more frustrating than thieves. We try different methods for avoiding them; sometimes those methods are successful and sometimes they aren’t.  In my experience, there is no guarantee to avoiding pickpockets and thieves completely, but it does not mean that you cannot be doing something more.  I believe that ... Read More »

8 Reasons to take a Gap Year… or two

A Gap Year: A unique time when someone does something random and different for a significant period of time, to experience new things. A gap year is a great idea for anyone.  Whether someone is fresh out of school or has been on the grind for a few years and looking to take some time off in the form of ... Read More »

How Traveling Changes You in 6 Points

Changes that Come Through Traveling Traveling is not only an experience.  Traveling also has an effect on you.  To what extent, changes of course, but change still occurs nonetheless.  Mainly, I have found that the change depends on a person’s willingness to learn and overall difference between a person’s homeland and the place that one is traveling.  Change is additionally ... Read More »

Inside an Alligator Processing Plant

A day in an Alligator Plant (Alert: some pictures in this article depict alligators being skinned.) Recently, I was afforded a unique opportunity that I couldn’t resist: the chance to tour an alligator processing plant in full operation.  Not only do I like to see how things work, but I also liked the opportunity to see the other side of ... Read More »

Talking politics abroad: A how to guide for the conscious traveler

Talking Politics Abroad A How To Guide for the Conscious Traveler My first time traveling, I was adamantly instructed not to discuss politics.  They told me, “it was better to leave politics out of the conversation.”  After doing a good bit of traveling on my own, I can firmly say that I disagree.  Although there is some logic to keeping ... Read More »

Things to do in Barcelona Spain

26 Things to do in Barcelona Spain   Barcelona is a great city to add to your list if you are traveling through Europe. According to most reports, Barcelona is one of top most visited cities in Europe.  Parts of the city are becoming increasingly touristy, but the city itself is still beautiful.  Should you find yourself in the city, ... Read More »

Making the Most of Your Study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad Europe: Make the most of it This article is for people who are currently studying in Europe or look to study in the future.  I am writing it to help you get around Europe efficiently on a budget.  Read on and I will teach you how to fly around Europe for under $10 and get bus tickets to ... Read More »

3 Things Guaranteed to Make You Stand Out When Traveling

Standing out Abroad Traveling to foreign lands is nice because you get to experience how others live.  Additionally, you can get to participate and engage in cultural traditions that are much different from your own. The problem is that when you are in other’s lands you are the foreigner.  When I travel, I do everything in my power to blend ... Read More »

Successfully Passing the Night on the Streets

Sleepless nights: When finances and timing just aren’t in your favor Every once and awhile when traveling we are forced to do things that are less than desirable.  Especially when backpacking on a budget, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to sleep outside or not even sleep at all.  This could arise from poor planning, over booking, ... Read More »

6 Things to do in Brighton Beach

Things to do in Brighton Beach (Little Odessa) Бра́йтон-Бич (Маленькая Одесса) Brighton Beach, New York is one of those places that really embodies the idea of America being an emigrant nation.  The area is located in the lower part of Brooklyn next to Coney Island. Travelers would be surprised to find that the signage is written in Russian. The region became ... Read More »

5 Great Breakfasts in the USA

Breakfast Foods in America We Americans take our breakfast quite seriously.  From the staple eggs, biscuits, and bacon to the loftier and more intricate pancakes, potatoes, steak and eggs, and endless combinations that we have come up with; we love them all. Recently, I decided to make a list of 5 of the more memorable breakfast places that I have ... Read More »