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Pickpockets in Barcelona: How to avoid them

Beating Barcelona’s Notorious Thieves How to beat them: A few true stories of pickpockets in Barcelona I have been asked many times in my travel about questions of safety or similar causes. In some cities in particular, especially the more visited ones, safety is a primary concern of many people. One of these cities is Barcelona. In my experience, Barcelona ... Read More »

Hitchhiking in Spain

My Second Hitchhiking Experience It has been almost a year since my first hitchhiking experience in Morocco. I am still new to the art of hitchhiking, and to be totally honest, I am still not always comfortable reaching out. That being said, I have become increasingly more comfortable with my two experiences as both have been positive and can be ... Read More »

Insider tips Barcelona

Barcelona: How to explore like a local Insider tips Barcelona: From free WiFi to partying like a local Barcelona is one of my favorite European cities. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe for a reason, but I think that most people never find its true beauty. The majority of Barcelona’s tourists come looking for one of ... Read More »

Asking for Directions abroad

Asking for directions abroad Which way is it? Running around backpacker-style is a great way to see the world. Often times, you leave with little plans and leave most up for adventure. Inevitably at some point, you are going to have to ask for directions of some kind. Whether it is for guidance to some famous landmark or some back ... Read More »

When you have overstayed your host’s welcome

Overstaying your welcome Knowing when it’s time to leave  Staying with people while traveling is a great way to experience local culture on a personal level.  A person gets to experience what everyday life is like for people in the area and can be shown some of the better things in town by those who know it best.  Furthermore, staying with ... Read More »

Words and Phrases you should know in every Language

Best words to know in a language: The Big 5 In traveling, few things are more cherished by me than the preservation of culture.  I believe that as travelers, we have a responsibility with the places that we visit to respect them and their culture.  In exchange for our respect, we are shown the world. Language learning is not natural to everyone. ... Read More »

High Season vs Low Season Travel

Should you travel during high season or low season Which should you choose? Traveling at any time is a good idea.  The season in which you travel though is something that you might want to spend some time thinking about before leaving.  It depends primarily on your goals and budget, but also to a lesser degree, on the experience you will have ... Read More »

7 Great Ways to Practice Foreign Languages

How to practice foreign languages with minimal effort Language learning is one of my favorite topics.  Languages are what drive the world.  Think about it.  Perhaps, do you remember a time when you were traveling and ordered something but didn’t actually order what you thought?  How about the other day when you were eating dinner at that restaurant and got ... Read More »

How to Avoid Pickpockets: The Psychology of a Thief

Avoid pickpockets The Psychology of a Thief In backpacking, few things are more frustrating than thieves. We try different methods for avoiding them; sometimes those methods are successful and sometimes they aren’t.  In my experience, there is no guarantee to avoiding pickpockets and thieves completely, but it does not mean that you cannot be doing something more.  I believe that ... Read More »

Talking politics abroad: A how to guide for the conscious traveler

Talking Politics Abroad A How To Guide for the Conscious Traveler My first time traveling, I was adamantly instructed not to discuss politics.  They told me, “it was better to leave politics out of the conversation.”  After doing a good bit of traveling on my own, I can firmly say that I disagree.  Although there is some logic to keeping ... Read More »

Things to do in Barcelona Spain

26 Things to do in Barcelona Spain   Barcelona is a great city to add to your list if you are traveling through Europe. According to most reports, Barcelona is one of top most visited cities in Europe.  Parts of the city are becoming increasingly touristy, but the city itself is still beautiful.  Should you find yourself in the city, ... Read More »

Making the Most of Your Study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad Europe: Make the most of it This article is for people who are currently studying in Europe or look to study in the future.  I am writing it to help you get around Europe efficiently on a budget.  Read on and I will teach you how to fly around Europe for under $10 and get bus tickets to ... Read More »

3 Things Guaranteed to Make You Stand Out When Traveling

Standing out Abroad Traveling to foreign lands is nice because you get to experience how others live.  Additionally, you can get to participate and engage in cultural traditions that are much different from your own. The problem is that when you are in other’s lands you are the foreigner.  When I travel, I do everything in my power to blend ... Read More »

5 Things That You Need To Be Doing Before Traveling

 5 Ways to Ensure that you get the most out of your Upcoming Trip Whether you have traveled extensively in the past or are a first timer, there are some things that you need to consider at least a few weeks before jumping on a plane to the ends of the earth.  Surely, by now you are thinking, “Well, I ... Read More »

What are your most important belongings when traveling?

The Possessions You Need to Safeguard Most When Traveling It seems as we travel that we value different possessions to varying degrees.  I have found though that regardless of any personal belongings people travel with on trips there are several things you really cannot travel without.  Obviously, if you are ranking things using emotions, an object with sentimental value might ... Read More »

Taxi Survival 101

A Quick How To Guide To Getting a Taxi and Not Getting Ripped Off Photo courtesy of   Taxis are everywhere.  Depending on where you live in the world, it is quite possible that you have taken a taxi (cab) at least once before.  If not, you will likely in the future.  Handling taxis at home is one thing.  ... Read More »

How to find Cheap Flights

Finding Cheap Flights When one decides that they are going to take a trip somewhere, one of the first things that they usually consider, is the flight.  Typically, this is one of the more grandiose expenses travelers incur; however, it does not have to be.  In fact, finding cheap flights is easier than you might think.  You just need to ... Read More »

My Travel Tips

My Common Travel Tips These travel tips here are just common travel tips to anyone. Travel light – Do not bring too many things.  Too many times have I seen people who leave with half of their closets and personal belongings only to realize that not only do they not need the things, but also that they are exhausted from carrying ... Read More »

How to Secure Your Belongings In a Hostel

Maintaining Security in the Hostel Life Keeping safe on the road is a constant concern to most travelers.  In this light, maintaining security of ones personal goods is no exception to this rule.  After all, when you are traveling your bag is both your lifeline and your house, if you think about it.  Below are a few tips that I ... Read More »

Hostel Etiquette

Are there rules to staying in a hostel? Hostel Etiquette 101: How to be a good guest and roommate The other day when I was staying in a hostel with a friend, I was asked if there are rules to staying in a hostel.  After contemplating the question for a little while, I realized that there are not always exact rules, but there are a ... Read More »

Travel Songs

      12 Travel Songs You Should Have 99 Luft ballons – Nena Paradise – Coldplay Hotel California – The Eagles Desert Rose – Sting Peace Train – Cat Stevens One – U2 Tunak Tunak Tun – Daler Mehndi Redemption Song – Bob Marley Porcelain – Moby Last of the Mohicans Theme – Dougie Maclean Viva La Vida – Coldplay Vamos a la playa – Miranda Stereo Love – ... Read More »