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Megabus Review – How to use Megabus USA

A Megabus Review If you are living, working, or will soon travel between the U.S., United Kingdom, or Canada, then MegaBus can be a good resource for you.  Especially if you are a budget traveler and do a bit of planning to get tickets at an early bird price. Traditionally, Americans have always been somewhat budget shy when it comes ... Read More »

RyanAir Review

RyanAir Review

A RyanAir Review Can you really get 5€ flights with RyanAir? When I tell people how I have found such cheap flights in Europe, I have often been met with skepticism and disbelief as we are so used to paying out the big bucks for a flight. Besides, you usually get what you pay for right? After all, isn’t a ... Read More »

Bacardi Tour in Puerto Rico

A Budget Friendly How To Do-it-Yourself Guide to the Bacardi Tour in Puerto Rico I recently took the tour of the Bacardi distillery near San Juan Puerto Rico, and I learned a lot of things that I thought I would share with you. I found the tour to be fun and interesting, but learned that it doesn’t need to be ... Read More »

Is Couchsurfing Safe?

Couchsurfing: Is it legit? An overview, some tragic stories, happy moments, and my experiences with it When asking such a general question with such a large organization, it becomes difficult to answer such a question. Truthfully, Couchsurfing, like other forms of social media, has the propensity to attract an array of people both good and bad. There are inevitably some ... Read More »

Merrell Shoe Review – Chameleon 4 Stretch as a travel shoe

All-terrain Travel Shoe An unsponsored review of Merrell’s Chameleon 4 Stretch Shoe and why I have chosen them as my current travel shoe. Plus, a few tips on how to choose your pair of travel shoes. I have been a big fan of Merrell’s shoe products for a while now. I have not used any of their other products yet, ... Read More »

Air Transat Review

Air Transat Review A flight review This past summer, I missed my flight on the way home from Europe (semi-intentionally, but that is another story).  I was supposed to take a flight from Dublin, but instead I flew from Lisbon.  Strange, but there is a method to the madness.  I was actually in Spain at the time.  Since I missed ... Read More »

Language Learning Reviews: Livemocha and Duolingo

Language Learning Program Reviews A match made in polyglot heaven? UPDATE: This article was written several years ago before Rosetta Stone purchased LiveMocha. My opinions of LiveMocha are no longer good. I’d recommend only using DuoLingo, which is a great free language learning software for several European languages. LiveMocha used to be a great tool and resource, but has been ... Read More »

Parish Brewery Review

Parish Brewing Company A local Louisiana brewery – Free Beer Tasting and Tours on Saturday The other day I found out about a local micro-brewery just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana.  Skeptical at first, I believed nothing so unique could be established just minutes from where I live. I should be so lucky. Fortunately, I found out about Parish Brewery through ... Read More »

5 Great Breakfasts in the USA

Breakfast Foods in America We Americans take our breakfast quite seriously.  From the staple eggs, biscuits, and bacon to the loftier and more intricate pancakes, potatoes, steak and eggs, and endless combinations that we have come up with; we love them all. Recently, I decided to make a list of 5 of the more memorable breakfast places that I have ... Read More »