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35 Things to do in Lafayette Louisiana

roble en Lafayette con catedral

Things to do in Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette is a bustling city in southwest Louisiana.  It has been described as a little-big town because of its unique contrast of city life and local Cajun traditions.  It has been nicknamed “Cajun country,” “boomtown,” and “the Cajun heartland,” and it is known worldwide for its specialty foods and spices.  If you ever get the ... Read More »

A walk around Lake Martin

Lake Martin Breaux Bridge (Louisiana) (Picture gallery below) Lake Martin is a place that I have included both in my things to do in Louisiana and things to do in Lafayette.  Lake Martin is a swamp-lake located in Breaux Bridge, just a short drive from downtown Lafayette.  If I am not mistaken, the Lake was originally formed hundreds of years ... Read More »

A Louisiana Crawfish Boil

Inside a Louisiana Style Crawfish Boil Crawfishin’ it’s a Cajun thing The Cajun people have made a name for themselves in recent years. For a long time, Louisiana, thanks to Cajun and other creole cuisines, has developed its reputation for being home to some of the most flavorful food in America. Chefs from all around come to south Louisiana to ... Read More »

Where to see alligators in Louisiana?

Gator xing alligator crossing sign

Want to see an alligator in Louisiana? Perhaps even hold a baby alligator? Louisiana alligators are an integral part of the ecosystem and frankly Louisiana just wouldn’t be the same without them. When planning your visit to Louisiana seeing an alligator is one of the top things to do! Where is the best place to find one? It depends. It depends ... Read More »

A Weekend of Festivities

A Quick Tour of Southern Louisiana This was an eventful weekend in Louisiana. One that I will certainly remember for some time now. The weekend actually started on Thursday for me. There was a party and celebration that turned out to be a birthday celebration for me. We shared food and spirits, and danced the night away to a variety ... Read More »

Antique Market Washington Louisiana

Antique Market in Louisiana One of the great things about living in a small-historically rich state called Louisiana is the abundance of relics and cultural legacies that are left behind for generations. Traditionally, the modern history of the United States is a relatively young one. Therefore, finding antiques in the United States can be a real treat as the majority ... Read More »

Cajun Music de la Louisiane

Rubboards, Zydeco Beats and Louisiana Flair The Heart and Soul of the Cajun Culture In my travels, I have been amazed by the fact that so many people know about Louisiana music. Before leaving home, I never knew the impact that the music had on different people from around the world. Typically, people know mostly of Louisiana Jazz music and ... Read More »

Interview with Charles Richard

In the Mind of the Maker A Louisiana Documentary in the making   Update: In the Mind of the Maker film is now available on Amazon.   Quick Background: Charles Richard, a Louisiana native, is currently spearheading the production of a film called In the Mind of the Maker. The film follows an 84 year old Cajun man named Edward Couvillier ... Read More »

Summer in Louisiana

Summer in Louisiana I think that we can officially say, summer has arrived in Louisiana. School is out, the temperature is heating up, skies are blue, and fun times are awaiting. Being such a diverse state, Louisiana is full of activities for all seasons. Summer is no exception. It might not be the festival season, or football season, but summertime ... Read More »

The Big 5 of Louisiana

Louisiana’s “Big 5” We have all heard of the big 5 from Africa.  You know how it goes, in Africa you HAVE TO SEE: an African elephant, black rhinoceros, cape buffalo, lion, and leopard.  Did you know that Louisiana has a big 5 also? I bet you didn’t.  In fact, Louisiana has a big 5 that are an integral part of ... Read More »

Mardi Gras 2013

New Orleans and Lafayette Mardi Gras 2013 A few highlights in photo form Over the years Mardi Gras has become an increasingly famous celebration for all.  Louisiana, particularly New Orleans, has become famous for its annual Mardi Gras.  Mardi Gras is a festive celebration of partying, beads, floats, and more.  If you wish to read more on Mardi Gras, please ... Read More »

Best Breakfast in Lafayette La Louisiana

Breakfast in Lafayette La The best in Cajun Breakfast from Lafayette Louisiana Personally, I am a huge fan of breakfast food.  Breakfast is not only the most important and nutritious meal of the day; it is also the most delicious, depending on where you go of course.  There are many great breakfast places in Lafayette La.  They are all known ... Read More »

The Louisiana King Cake

The King Cake Tradition The Louisiana King Cake and the legacy it leaves This past Sunday I went to a French King Cake celebration with some friends.  At the celebration we shared both a French King Cake and a Louisiana King Cake in accordance with tradition.  After eating both cakes, I thought that it’d be a good idea to share ... Read More »

All About Mardi Gras

Guide to Mardi Gras A quick practical guide to Mardi Gras from a local A brief history of Mardi Gras Mardi Gras is a festival with deep tradition.  Tracing its oldest roots from European masquerade parties, Mardi Gras has crossed the sea and established itself in Louisiana.  The first Mardi Gras of the United States actually took place in Mobile, ... Read More »

Things to do in Baton Rouge

 What to do in Baton Rouge A few highlights from the capital city of Louisiana Louisiana is known for its colorful personality and overall happy lifestyle.  Louisiana’s capital city, Baton Rouge, is located in the south-central part of the State and does its best to uphold this lifestyle.  Baton Rouge is actually not known for being the most exciting city ... Read More »

Parish Brewery Review

Parish Brewing Company A local Louisiana brewery – Free Beer Tasting and Tours on Saturday The other day I found out about a local micro-brewery just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana.  Skeptical at first, I believed nothing so unique could be established just minutes from where I live. I should be so lucky. Fortunately, I found out about Parish Brewery through ... Read More »

Symbols of Louisiana

Famous Symbols of Louisiana Louisiana is characterized in many ways by its uniqueness as a state.   This is true because of its cultural heritage, foods, and insatiable lust for passing a good time.  In addition to these attributes, Louisiana is well-defined by several symbols that are unmistakably connected with the State.  Below is a list of some famous symbols of Louisiana. Crawfish – Crawfish ... Read More »

Louisiana words you won’t be able to spell, even after visiting

Louisiana words Louisiana has a very colorful history.  Many people don’t know that Louisiana’s history is still closely relevant today.  You might notice it purely in the culture.  Or perhaps, in the cities; however, if nothing else, you will most definitely notice its history by the names you see when you visit Louisiana.  Many cities, towns, rivers, lakes, and even ... Read More »

Great Small Towns in Louisiana for Photography

Small Towns in Louisiana Louisiana is truly one of the more unique states in the United States.  I say that, not because I am from the state, but because I have seen what many of the others have to offer.  Granted, each state has something unique about it, and there are some really beautiful places around America.  Because of Louisiana’s ... Read More »

The many faces of the Louisiana Fleur-de-Lis

The Louisiana Fleur-de-Lis Although the fleur-de-lis has been symbolic in France and Italy for centuries, the symbol has become undertaken a much deeper and cultural meaning with the state of Louisiana.  Over the years the fleur-de-lis has been cited for having religious, status, and even  personal meanings. Today, the fleur-de-lis is an iconic symbol of Louisiana taking many forms.  Businesses, ... Read More »

Things to do in Louisiana

73 Fun Things to do in Louisiana Here is a list of things to do in Louisiana should you be looking for something to do.  They are not in any particular order, so do not think that they are from worst to best, least to greatest or vice-versa because they are not.  The last number could be just as good ... Read More »

Landmarks of Louisiana

Famous landmarks of Louisiana Louisiana is famous because of its unique history and heritage.  The State is known internationally for its ties to colonial Spain and France, as well as its influence as an economic trading port via New Orleans.  Like any other place, Louisiana has several famous landmarks that have become synonymous with its brand.  I came up with ... Read More »

Facts about Louisiana

Facts about Louisiana This is an article including facts about Louisiana from a local.  I have included a few random interesting facts, but others that are more obvious as well. Louisiana does not have counties.  There are no counties in Louisiana.  As a sign of our cultural history in Louisiana, the connections to the Cajun French heritage has yielded Parishes.  Therefore, ... Read More »

Inside an Alligator Processing Plant

A day in an Alligator Plant (Alert: some pictures in this article depict alligators being skinned.) Recently, I was afforded a unique opportunity that I couldn’t resist: the chance to tour an alligator processing plant in full operation.  Not only do I like to see how things work, but I also liked the opportunity to see the other side of ... Read More »

5 Great Breakfasts in the USA

Breakfast Foods in America We Americans take our breakfast quite seriously.  From the staple eggs, biscuits, and bacon to the loftier and more intricate pancakes, potatoes, steak and eggs, and endless combinations that we have come up with; we love them all. Recently, I decided to make a list of 5 of the more memorable breakfast places that I have ... Read More »

Why You Should Visit Louisiana

My 5 Reasons to visit Louisiana Traveling through the states is always a fun time.  The states are an interesting mixture of people, to say the least.  Usually, people will stop in the major landmarks to see things like the Grand Canyon, or New York city, but often skip the other interesting things that the states have to offer.  Truthfully, those ... Read More »