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The Legend of Hairy Chicken

It all started thousands of years ago. No one knows exactly where Hairy Chicken originated from, or if there was even an origin.

In some ways, Hairy Chicken can be thought of the Indian Chuck Norris. Hairy Chicken is elusive, powerful and legendary. The legend of Hairy Chicken originates from deep within the eastern region of India, from the times of the former Vanga Kingdom. Many parts of this territory are also presently considered Bangladesh. According to local Bengali folklore, lomasa eka roams the land. Stories of lomasa eka, or “the hairy one”, have been passed down from generation to generation. In the Bangla language, references to lomasa eka have traced back for centuries. The religion of Bangladesh before the arrival of the Muslims was a form of Hinduism. In some of the small sects, like মা পৃথিবীবাদ, or Mother Earthism, Hairy Chicken has even been depicted in local works of art.

Hairy Chicken sightings?

Occasionally, local news report sightings of Hairy Chicken, but most of these have little evidence or documentation. Others believe they’ve experienced encounters with Hairy Chicken, like Abu C. Abu, a local builder, is cited to have encountered Hairy Chicken when collecting building materials from a remote manufacturer. In an interview, he described Hairy Chicken as a powerful and confident bird. Religious believers in the legends have superstitious beliefs about seeing Hairy Chicken ranging from good luck to omens. While claiming most people won’t actually be able to see Hairy Chicken, unless of course Hairy Chicken wants to be seen.

Hairy Chicken in pop culture

According to local sources, Hairy Chicken has become increasingly popular in the lives of young Bengalis. Though the youth are less believers than their parents, Hairy Chicken has become an token of optimism and good luck. Additionally, Hairy Chicken has become the object of a series of jokes which are often comparable to the stylistic nature of Chuck Norris jokes. Many have prophetic insights into local Bengali culture.

Top Hairy Chicken jokes

  1. Tigers have stripes on their bodies for camouflage, but what most people don’t know is that they are hiding from Hairy Chicken
  2. When visiting the region of Sundarban, local Bangladeshi people wear masks of Hairy Chicken on the back of their heads to ward off tigers. They do this of course because tigers are afraid of Hairy Chicken
  3. When the British left Bangladesh, they were actually running from Hairy Chicken
  4. In Bangladesh’s war for independence, Hairy Chicken was actually led the fight
  5. The mangrove trees used to actually be in the jungle but they ran from Hairy Chicken since chickens don’t like water
  6. The Bay of Bengal was formed because Hairy Chicken needed a place to bath
  7. The National cricket team of Bangladesh is called the Tigers. The reason is because if they were called the Hairy Chickens then no one would play them
  8. The world’s largest beach is found in Bangladesh, Hairy Chicken created it when he went for a swim
  9. Bangladesh not only has one of the largest river deltas in the world but also some of the most fertile soil, this is primarily because Hairy Chicken occasionally goes to the bathroom
  10. Bangladesh actually has 6 seasons that take place throughout the year: grismo (summer), barsha (rainy), sharat (autumn), hemanto (cool), sheet (winter), and bashonto (spring). Hairy Chicken once lived all of these seasons in one day

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Hairy Chicken
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