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Día de San Juan

Noche de San Juan en Almería España The Spanish… siempre buscando para las fiestas If you like parties and passing a good time, then Spain is a place for you. Spanish people are notorious for their late night dinners and festivities. In fact, aquí en España, an early dinner is around 9:30-10 pm (21:30-22:00). Spaniards usually take a few hours ... Read More »

Inside Turkey’s Hagia Sofia

The Hagia Sophia A True Masterpiece If you have never had the opportunity to visit the Hagia Sofia, I certainly recommend you doing so. Turkey’s Hagia Sofia, is a true marvel of the times, and a jewel of the ancients. I would describe it as Turkey’s Taj Mahal, but you wouldn’t guess by looking at it from the outside. That’s ... Read More »

Things to do in Toledo Spain

Best things to see in Toledo Spain …and a quick guide to Toledo with tips from a local. Recently, I visited Toledo on my current tour around España. Toledo was one of the places that I didn’t get to spend too much time in, but it was still quite enjoyable. It is a place with a rich history, nice scenery ... Read More »

Storming the Beaches: A Normandy Review

A Normandy Review in Pictures Looking back at time spent on the beaches of Normandy As I approached the edge of the cliff overlooking the English Channel, I could hardly help but notice the pristine beauty of Normandy, France (Normandie in French).  While my mind drifted from beauty to chaos, I could nearly imagine the tragedy of death and war, which littered the ... Read More »

4 Places to Visit in Belgium

4 Cities in Belgium A Guest Post by Travel Infographics Belgium is a very complex country. In the north you have the Flemish (or Dutch depends who’s asking) speaking population of Flanders. In the south you have the French-speaking population of Wallonia. Belgium is a bit of an underdog when it comes to places to visit it has the culinary ... Read More »

Things to do in Baton Rouge

 What to do in Baton Rouge A few highlights from the capital city of Louisiana Louisiana is known for its colorful personality and overall happy lifestyle.  Louisiana’s capital city, Baton Rouge, is located in the south-central part of the State and does its best to uphold this lifestyle.  Baton Rouge is actually not known for being the most exciting city ... Read More »

Fun Things to do in Detroit

A Quick List of Touristy Things to do in Detroit Mi With a few that aren’t so touristy Detroit Hotspots If you have some time, I think that you’d enjoy my article on: Is Detroit that bad?  In addition I have a photo essay of some pictures that I took while in Detroit. Detroit is a unique America city because of ... Read More »

An Afternoon in Abita

Abita Springs, Louisiana  What’s it like? When one is asked to think of a place that exemplifies community while carrying a status of a true southern Louisiana establishment, few towns fit the description like Abita Springs.  Abita Springs is located just outside of Covington, Louisiana on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  Abita Springs is not a large city, but ... Read More »

Tales from the Balkans

The Balkans A backpacker’s view of the Balkan War and its lasting impact Brief History of the Balkans and its Recent War The Balkans are a very colorful and historically rich region in Europe.  The Balkans loosely consist of all the countries south of Slovenia and Romania.  Definitions change depending on who you ask, but most would say that Turkey ... Read More »

French Quarter Photos

Pictures of the French Quarter A photo essay of the New Orleans French Quarter Below you will find a series of French Quarter photos.  Taken from around the French Quarter, these photos represent some of the sights that the New Orleans French Quarter has to offer.  The French Quarter is a very historic district in Louisiana.  It can easily trace ... Read More »

Why you should visit the Balkans

Visit the Balkans A Few Quick Reasons to Visit the Balkans The Balkans combine to make a region of Europe that is often passed over by visitors.  In fact, there are far few visitors to Eastern Europe annually than to most Western European nations.  The most visited places in Europe tend to be France (Paris), Italy (Rome), Spain (Barcelona), and ... Read More »

What to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

A List of Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia Beautiful Croatia Croatia is a beautiful country.  Located across the Adriatic from the Eastern shores of Italia is Dubrovnik.  Dubrovnik is a medieval-like walled city surrounded by a picturesque landscape.  If you are ever wondering what to do in Dubrovnik, here is a list of 10 things to do in Dubrovnik ... Read More »

Landmarks of Louisiana

Famous landmarks of Louisiana Louisiana is famous because of its unique history and heritage.  The State is known internationally for its ties to colonial Spain and France, as well as its influence as an economic trading port via New Orleans.  Like any other place, Louisiana has several famous landmarks that have become synonymous with its brand.  I came up with ... Read More »

Is Detroit that Bad?

Detroit Michigan The state of Detroit I have always been perplexed by places that people seem to despise.  In fact, if someone ever tells me that I shouldn’t go somewhere, I always seem to find my way there sooner or later.  Driven both by curiosity and intrigue, I seek answers.  I want to get to the bottom of things and ... Read More »

10 Interesting things to do in New York City

New York, New York 10 Things to do in the Big Apple New York City is probably the most interesting city that I have ever been to.  This is true for multiple reasons, but most noticeably due to its uniqueness in character.  The City is one of the most interesting mixes of everything that I have experienced.  People from all ... Read More »

Things to do in Burlington Vermont

Stuff to do in Burlington Vermont Vermont is a quiet state tucked away in the historic New England region of the United States.  People who visit Burlington will be surprised to find it is filled with beautiful scenery and landscape.  Vermont has some mountains and great hiking venues, and it makes the perfect destination for a person looking to see ... Read More »