4 Places to Visit in Belgium

4 Cities in Belgium

A Guest Post by Travel Infographics

Grand Place, Brussels by Matt Banks
Grand Place, Brussels by Matt Banks

Belgium is a very complex country. In the north you have the Flemish (or Dutch depends who’s asking) speaking population of Flanders. In the south you have the French-speaking population of Wallonia. Belgium is a bit of an underdog when it comes to places to visit it has the culinary chic of France with the liberal laid back attitude of the Netherlands, it has a bit of both worlds. Here is some awesome destinations to visit in Belgium from Travel Infographics.


The capital is considered to be the only true multilingual cities in Europe. The Flemish and French communities live side by side and all the road signs are written in both languages which can be confusing at the best of times. The Grand Place is the main attraction which is just beautiful at night and in summer. Around the corner is the Manniken Pis (yes the water feature of a little boy relieving him self) which is considered to be the symbol of the city. Other main tourist attractions include the Atonium, MiniEurope and a quick trip south to Waterloo to see the place where Napoleon was finally defeated.


Considered to be the Venice of Belgium, Brugges is famous for it’s lace and having lots of canals. Jan Brydal square is the centre point of this fascinating city. My recommendation is to go up the bell tower and check out the view from above!


Not considered to be high on most people’s priorities on any trip to Belgium but this province is home to not only local Belgian gin but also some really funky boutique Belgian breweries. The pick of the breweries for me is Ter Dolen which is not too far from Hasselt.


Belgium is notoriously flat, well most of it. The Ardennes is the only real area where there are hills. The picturesque town of Dinant is the pick of the places and is worth passing an afternoon at a local café eating Belgian Mussels and downing 15% alcohol beers.

There are so many other places to visit in Belgium like Antwerp, Oostend or even the university town of Ghent but I hope these 4 will be a bit of a starter into this fascinating country. I would love to hear any of your personal Belgian experiences as well and other places to visit, no doubt I’ll be back in Belgium some day.


Thanks for reading , now it is your turn to tell us what you think!

Have you been to Belgium before? If so, what did you enjoy?  If not, which city do you think that you’d like best?




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  1. Whilst it is a good few years since I’ve been to Belgium I totally adored Antwerp. Such a beautiful city with a great vibe, beautiful streets, great city centre and a beautiful harbour. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  2. Have lived in Brussels and it’s certainly multi-cultural in every sense! Love Bruges and Ghent too. Leuven is also a lovely university town worth a visit.

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