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What to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

What to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

A List of Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Beautiful Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country.  Located across the Adriatic from the Eastern shores of Italia is Dubrovnik.  Dubrovnik is a medieval-like walled city surrounded by a picturesque landscape.  If you are ever wondering what to do in Dubrovnik, here is a list of 10 things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

1.) Relax on the beach – There are multiple beaches in Dubrovnik.  The main beach and then one a bit further towards the peninsula.  The water is crystal clear Mediterranean blue.  Enjoy a nice relaxing day on the beach in Croatia.

2.) Watch the sunset – Dubrovnik, or coastal Croatia in general, has one of the best sunsets that I have ever seen.  There is something mystic about the sun as it sets over the horizon out in the Adriatic.  It seems to dance across the water while it lowers into the night.

3.) Walk on the wall – Walking along the wall of Dubrovnik is cool.  Why is it cool? How often do you get to walk along a wall that surrounds a city?  Not too often I’d guess.  Dubrovnik has a rich history and its strong walls are a symbol of Croatian pride.

4.) Get Lost in the City – Get lost in Old Town Dubrovnik.  There are tons of little alley ways and streets that make up the maze of the walled city.  Check them out by walking around through the back neighborhoods.  Don’t worry it cannot be that bad, the city is not too big.  If you keep walking in a circle you are bound to end up where you started.

5.) Climb the hill of Dubrovnik – I am not sure if it has a formal name, but I call it the hill of Dubrovnik.  Although, a short hike, it has been one of my favorites.  I think this is because as you climb you can look over the sea and surrounding landscape.  It is a surreal feeling.  For some reason, overlooking Dubrovnik was exactly what I’d imagined the Mediterranean to look like.

6.) Hotel Belvedere – Hotel Belvedere is definitely not a tourist destination.  Well, not anymore anyways.  At the height of Yugoslavia, the Hotel was a tourist destination for wealthy families and decorated military officers. Presently, Hotel Belvedere sits in remains, a mere fragment of its former self.  I wouldn’t recommend hanging out there, but definitely walk near the main sidewalk if you get a chance just to grasp the former magnitude of the Hotel.

7.) Visit the haunted Island – I was told by locals that the island located in Dubrovnik’s harbor was haunted.  You are forbidden to go to this island in the night-time, and if you are caught it could mean big trouble.  There are tours during the days though, which you can find locally, or you can ask a boater to take you out there.  The island is overrun by peacocks out of all things.

8.) Get something at the market – On the weekends and busier days, there is a market in the main square.  It isn’t very big, but you can find a few interesting goods such as local honey or clothes.

9.) Eat some pastries at a local bakery – You need to actually leave the city walls to get a local feel.  Unfortunately, the interior walls of Dubrovnik has become overridden with tourism and few locals actually live within the walls.  There are still people inside, but the number is fewer than it was in the past.

10.) Have a drink outside the wall – There are two “holes in the wall” in Dubrovnik.  Each is near the seaside of the wall.  These holes are man-made doorways to the sea.  One of them is simply for relaxing on the rocks, while the other has a café where you can get a nice and refreshing drink while overlooking the water.

11.) Take a stroll around old harbor.  Old harbor Dubrovnik is famous for the scenes from the War.  Today it is full of both fishing and commercial boats, which is a much different scene than just a few years ago.  The harbor is neat and it has a uniqueness about it.

12.) Visit an orthodox church.  Orthodox churches are somewhat intriguing.  They are set up in a different way than most other traditional churches and they have the feel of eastern to them. There is at least one major orthodox church in Dubrovnik.  The one that I visited is not depicted below.  It was much smaller near the center of the city.

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I hope that you enjoyed what to do in Dubrovnik!  What do you love most about Croatia? What are your favorite things to do in Croatia? When are you going?


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  1. I enjoyed reading these tips. I have heard a lot of great things about Dubrovnik.

  2. I hear there are also private islands with lighthouses in the neighborhood? Saw them on and adriagate.

    • I didn’t see any lighthouses when I was there Thomas, but it is possible. The private islands are there for sure though. There is one a stone’s throw from Dubrovnik.

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