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An Afternoon in Abita

An Afternoon in Abita

Abita Springs, Louisiana

When one is asked to think of a place that exemplifies community while carrying a status of a true southern Louisiana establishment, few towns fit the description like Abita Springs.  Abita Springs is located just outside of Covington, Louisiana on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  Abita Springs is not a large city, but rather a small town.  Better yet, it is a main street community with the vigor of a lively city.

Abita Springs is a great place to stop in east Louisiana should you be passing through the area. It is in close proximity to several Louisiana cities such as Slidell, Covington, and New Orleans.  Abita Springs is biker friendly and very photogenic.

As far as activities go, there are several things to do in Abita Springs.  Abita Brewing Company, famous for its many locally brewed beers, is located in the heart of the town.  You can stop by and get a nice cold beverage and lunch after exercising on the St. Tammany trail.  The St. Tammany trail runs for many miles through St. Tammany Parish and it follows an old rail track.  Abita Springs also has a few local cafés and restaurants for the hungry traveler.

If you are interested in photography, Abita Springs is a great place to snap a few photos.   There are streets with great live oaks arching over the road, which make for nice pictures.

Recently on a visit there, I was impressed with how clean and neat everything was kept as I walked around. The city also seemed to be serene and peaceful, but it was a Sunday.  I look at Abita Springs, in much the same way that I look at Burlington Vermont; if you are in the area and are looking to do something stop by and check it out.  


What do you think?

Have you been to Abita Springs Louisiana before?  Have you tried Abita beer?

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