The Entrepreneur vs. The Traveler

Travel vs. Entrepreneurship: The Travel Entrepreneur

A look at the similarities between being a traveler and being an entrepreneur

I wrote an article not too long ago that could be called a precursor to this one.  That article, was discussing the 7 reasons why entrepreneurs should travel.  In this article, I am going to compare entrepreneurs and travelers by making some connections about their similarities.

  1. Problem solvers. Both travelers and entrepreneurs are problem solvers.  Entrepreneurs look for a solution and a way to turn something into a profitable business venture.  Travelers look for solutions to world problems while traveling. Conversations are had, solutions are thought up and people are befriended.
  2. Opportunists.  Travelers and entrepreneurs are both opportunists in their own right. Travelers may not necessarily be looking into business ventures, but you can bet that they are looking at their travel as an opportunity to have a valuable life experience.  They pounce on every chance to really live.  Entrepreneurs however, look into business ventures as a make or break idea.  When something looks like a good business venture, they go for the opportunity.
  3. Failure.  Entrepreneurs are notorious for failing, which is why so many people are afraid to become entrepreneurs.  Most people cannot deal with the shame of making a mistake and having to start again.  Travelers are, in many ways, the same.  Travelers fail many times on the road, and learn the lessons that the world has to teach.  Over time, they become increasingly more aware and keen as travelers.  
  4. Networking.  A good entrepreneur is a person who is extremely good at networking and mobilizing resources.   They not only meet people, but form alliances and realize that there is a mutual benefit to every strong relationship.  Travelers, do much of the same.  Although travelers aren’t always looking to start a business, they most definitely use their network to travel better.
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  5. Both are not seen as normal.  Travelers are typically looked at like the outsiders, black sheep, or people who you think live a cool life, but aren’t really sure about where they are going in life.  Entrepreneurs are very much in the same category.  Many people have mistakenly disbelieved in the potential of some of history’s greatest entrepreneurs only to realize later that they were some of history’s greatest entrepreneurs.
  6. Risk-Takers.  Travelers and entrepreneurs are typically large risk takers.  Perhaps, most are taking calculated risks (whatever that means anyway), but in the end, they are taking a chance with their lives.  Both risk great financial, time, and sometimes even social status for their dreams. 
  7. Idealists.  Travelers and entrepreneurs alike, tend to err on the side of idealism.  Both have lofty ideas about fixing the world or making a buck, and sometimes things just don’t work out that way.  Other times, their ideas are much more than ideas.  They turn them into dreams and passions, which in turn translates into successes.  
  8. Adaptable.  Entrepreneurs and travelers, at least the successful ones, are very good at adapting to change and challenge.  If they aren’t, they wouldn’t be very good at what they do.  Entrepreneurs make a mistake, they lose some money.  They go back to the drawing board and fix the problem.  Travelers miss a train, they have to find a ride or make do.  Sometimes in a language that they don’t understand. Both are at their best when flexible and adaptable to the challenges that the world throws at them.

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  1. Excellent tips! I think the diversity of travel is so wonderful for working people, whether they are entrepreneurs or eventually looking to rejoin the workforce. You learn great problem-solving skills, people skills and how to think differently.
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