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Things that people miss about America when Traveling

Things that people miss about America when Traveling

Best Things about America

What America Does Well

The U.S. of A.; some love it, some hate it, but I guarantee that most who live in it can agree that a few aspects that exist within America are worth missing.  After some contemplation, I have come up with my own list of things America does better than other places that I have visited.

  1. Accessibility – The United States of America is by far the most accessible place that I have been to.  Virtually anything that one could ever need can be found at almost all times of the day.  Think about it.  Food, supplies, tools, groceries, Christmas cards, all can generally be found quite easily.  If you cannot find it, you can have it within a day.
  2. Right of Law – The Right of Law that is granted through the Constitutional Law of America is unmatched.  The Laws and Freedoms that protect the citizens of the United States are hard to beat.  True, many countries have a good set of laws and a system to enforce them, but rarely are they so clear-cut and protective of their citizens basic rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
  3. Trust – This is one that I have found to be interesting.  I find that many people, specifically in Europe, have trust issues.  Perhaps, it’s because I come from the south, but we don’t have trust issues. A man’s (or woman’s) word is their bond until they give you a reason to doubt them.  In other places, I have experienced times when one has to jump through hoops just to gain respect or trust.  People simply don’t think that you have malevolent intentions.
  4. Ease of Living – Living in the United States of America is easy.  In fact, it is too easy at times.  Not only can people get what they want whenever they want it, but life is thoughtless for most people.
  5. Prices – Food and gas prices, along with the cost of average goods are relatively cheap in America when compared to other developed nations.
  6. Universality of standards – As much as the different states of the United States are different, they are the same.  Our interstate system is a perfect example.  From Alaska to Florida the interstate system is standard.  It doesn’t matter which state you are in, the signs are going to be the same.  Codes of conduct and orders of operation tend to be similar as well.  Overall, what is culturally acceptable does not vary too much across all of America.

America is an interesting place.  It may be full on strange contradictions, tyrannical historical events, and people from across the globe, but at least for the moment we have some unmatched privileges.


Tell me what you think

What do you miss about the USA when you are traveling?  Are you from another country and have a different opinion?  What are your favorite things about America?


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