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A lesson from the Boston Marathon

A lesson from the Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon 2012

I was so inspired by the performance of the Boston marathon that I chose to write about it.  Perhaps, it was the weather, which was absolutely perfect.  Or was it the mass amount of people? The food? The determination that I saw in the runners?  To me, it could have been some culmination of the above. 

The marathon housed a large event and it seemed to me that it was a city-wide participation.  I was greatly inspired to see so many determined people from around the world coming together for a common purpose.  On that day, there were no political differences, or cultural disputes, but only a 26.2 mile opponent.  Flags from many great nations flew proudly over the finish line as their respective runners overcame the distance.  I saw old and young, disabled, blind, military, and many other combinations who stood up to the challenge.  Perhaps, it is this perseverance and devotion that has made the marathon into what it is today.

In the park (locally known as Common Park), I was passed by fellow spectators from Nairobi, Kenya to Seoul, Korea who were all enjoying the same experience that I was.  I sincerely recommend participating or visiting Boston during the marathon if you ever get the chance.  You won’t regret it.  As one Bostonian told me, “I am from Boston, and I only go into the city for one day a year; that day is for marathon.  It is a truly special day for Boston.”

That being said, I am fortunate to have been in the area during the event, and I hope to make it back around one day.


Have you ever been to the Boston Marathon? How was your experience?

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  1. Susan Marie via Facebook

    Glad you weren’t standing there this year… And glad you got to see it without this horrible shroud over it.

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