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My 5 Favorite Italian Cities

Italian Cities

Backpacking or traveling through Italy is a must for anyone traveling through Europe.  You will witness timeless ruins, beautiful sites, people, and of course the wonderful food that Italia has to offer.  La bella vita, should we say.

  1. Bologna – Bologna is a personal favorite and a city that grows on you.  It is located in the northern province of Emilia-Romagna.  Bologna is not a famous tourist destination because it is a typical Italian city, but that is exactly why I like it.  The city is young because it houses one of the oldest universities in the Western world, therefore there is always something to do.  It is also home to many famous sites such as the due torre and San Petronio Basilica which both have quite interesting histories of their own.  If you are hungry, you should try the region’s specialty, we know as the Bolognese sauce.
  2. Catania – Catania is one of the bigger cities in the eastern part of the Italian isle of Sicily.  Sicily is an amazing visit in of it self, and whether you have family history ties to it or not, you can certainly appreciate the beauty of the island.  Catania is a great starting point for people traveling through Sicily.  There is a beach, a nice Piazza, and fresh-fish market that you will never forget.
  3. Salerno – Salerno is located in Campagna, a south-central region on Italy’s western coast.  I chose to include this city due to its proximity to other Italian landmarks that you are probably going to want to see.  From Salerno, Pompeii, Pasteum, Herculaneum, Napoli, the Almafi Coast, and the small island of Capri, are all within an hour or two by train.  Therefore, it is a great central location that is inexpensive to camp at for some time while you enjoy what the region has to offer.  Many people have expressed concerns about Napoli, and for those people who Salerno is probably the better choice.
  4. Cinque Terre – Known as the 5 lands, or 5 towns, in Italian, Cinque terre has become a hotspot for people looking to either hit the beach or take a vacation from their vacation.  There is a wonderful hiking trail that takes you through the 5 towns and a local train to take you back once getting their.  The trail leads backpackers through vineyards and over rock formations all the while with a breathtaking view of the Ligurian sea.  The hike can take a few hours, but I promise that it is worth every step.
  5. Rome – Roma, is a destination that needs no introduction.  The city, the empire, the people who literally changed the world.  Rome has transformed from its former ancient to a modern Italian city, but still retains much of its past.  Traditions are alive in Rome just as they always have been.  There are tourist hot spots and new things to discover.  For the devout or those with an appreciation for the arts, Rome is also home to the Vatican, which displays some of the most magnificent artwork in the world.


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