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The contrasts of San Francisco

The contrasts of San Francisco

It’s been two days since I left San Francisco and I already miss it. It’s a city full of contrasts between the magnificent bridges, beautiful neighborhoods but a big social problem.

Hostelling International encourages visitors to volunteer in order to help homeless eating everyday. It’s a very good cause and they really need it. It’s overwhelming to see how so many people are living in the streets.


The city is full of hills and you have to be brave to climb them but it feels so good when you are at the top!


During my days in San Francisco, I could visit wonderful places as the Financial District with its high buildings

Financial District_opt

Chinatown with its ancient culture and traditions


The famous Golden Gate

Golden Gate_opt

Stunning Alcatraz


Fisherman’s Wharf and its funny sea lions!

Pier 39_opt

Mission neighborhood where I could discover its colorful murals

Misson Mural_opt

Even I took the cable car to enjoy the city!

Cable Car_opt

It was an unforgettable experience and I really loved the contrast of San Francisco!


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    So beautiful pic, it attract towards San Francisco

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