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Enjoying Santa Monica

I’m back in Madrid, and this trip was wonderful! A unique experience! I spent my last days enjoying Santa Monica which I really loved it! Santa Monica is a town located in Los Angeles. It has different neighborhoods but it’s famous for its amazing white sand beach, healthy people, green business and huge houses located on its mountains. You will ... Read More »

The contrasts of San Francisco

It’s been two days since I left San Francisco and I already miss it. It’s a city full of contrasts between the magnificent bridges, beautiful neighborhoods but a big social problem. Hostelling International encourages visitors to volunteer in order to help homeless eating everyday. It’s a very good cause and they really need it. It’s overwhelming to see how so ... Read More »

Green and Sustainable Hostels

I’ve been to Hostels before, but I could never imagine that some of them are really conscious of making the world a better place through programs of awareness and respect for the environment. I was so lucky to know personally two of the most green and sustainable hostels in the United States. As its motto says, Hostelling International was created ... Read More »

A perfect day surrounded by nature

Today was simply amazing! I got up early and went to the Civic Center area of San Francisco to pick up my rental car that happened to be a great Chrysler. I drove with a map through the stunning Highway 1 along the coast, enjoying the views of the beaches and cliffs. Finally I arrived to my first destination: Año ... Read More »

Amazing Boston

The days I spent in Boston were amazing! It’s a wonderful city where I think I could live in. And I’m sure I will come back. I could discover the famous Freedom Trail and its 16 most important points. It’s imposible to miss, just have to follow the red line! The trail starts at Boston Common, one of the most ... Read More »

Big Blog Exchange Experience: First Impressions

A trip I’ve been waiting for months, planning, reading about each destination in order to squeeze the most of this experience. On Thursday I was nervous, finishing my suitcase; I couldn’t forget anything important: my computer to write every moment of the trip, my camera with which I will take pictures of monuments, people, landscapes… and I always carry with ... Read More »

Big Blog Exchange by Mindful Travel BySara

Today you’re going to read a different post and know a different writer: Big Blog Exchange by Mindful Travel BySara. First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Sara Rodriguez, Spanish blogger who loves travel and photography. I write on my blog about my experiences, tips and feelings over 27 countries around the world. A suitcase, a camera and lots ... Read More »