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My Travel Tips

My Travel Tips

My Common Travel Tips

These travel tips here are just common travel tips to anyone.

  • Travel light – Do not bring too many things.  Too many times have I seen people who leave with half of their closets and personal belongings only to realize that not only do they not need the things, but also that they are exhausted from carrying them all.  When packing consider that you really do not need it.  Just bring essentials and basics.
  • Ask questions – People who ask questions learn things.  If you see something that you do not understand, chances are you will continue to not understand it until you ask someone to explain it to you.  Try it out, you will not regret it.
  • Don’t overplan – I have seen many people who backpack and try to plan out every day and week perfectly, but realistically that just does not work out.  Things change when you are traveling, you may want to spend more time in one place than another, or see something that you had not planned for.  Go with a loose itinerary at best.
  • Go for the strange – No, not everything.  What I mean is do things that are new and different to you.  Say yes to new experiences, but just use good judgement.  A large part of traveling is experiencing what you do not have at home.
  • Travel Smart – Keep your wits about you when traveling, especially if you are traveling by yourself.  Keep track of your valuables and be mindful of your surroundings.  You are your best defense against problems on the road.
  • Try to blend in – Blending in on the road is a good trick not only for the experience, but for your safety and your budget.  The more local you look and act the more people will treat you like them.  Outsiders are generally just put into one group, charged higher prices, and targeted for scams.  Granted you cannot blend in everywhere, but what I mean really is try not to stand out.
  • Think twice before you judge – Seeing something strange does not make it wrong.  People around the world have different customs and cultural practices, sometimes they can be drastically different from your own.  It does not make them wrong, they just have a different perspective on how you arrive at a common solution.
  • Journal – Using a journal is an effective practice that helps you to collect your thoughts and experiences.  It is a way of working through things that you have seen and reflecting.  It is also neat because you get a chance to reread later in the future and remember your trip vividly.

How do you feel about this list?  Do you think that these tips have applied to your past travels, or that they could be useful in the future?

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