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What are your most important belongings when traveling?

What are your most important belongings when traveling?

The Possessions You Need to Safeguard Most When Traveling

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It seems as we travel that we value different possessions to varying degrees.  I have found though that regardless of any personal belongings people travel with on trips there are several things you really cannot travel without.  Obviously, if you are ranking things using emotions, an object with sentimental value might be number one.  On the other hand, if you are thinking structurally and wish to continue your trip without problems there is definitely a ranking system.

I wrote this article keeping in mind this ranking system.  Hypothetically, this is a ranking of your most important documents and possessions in the unlikely event that you would have to choose.  For those reasons, if you ever had to ditch or found yourself in a sticky situation, then you would know what you needed.  This list also helps me when I travel because I use it as a check list as I leave for a new destination.

  1. Your life – Your life is absolutely indispensable.  Your health and overall well-being are the greatest gifts that you possess.  Nothing in this article is worth more than your life.
  2. Passport – The obvious and logical item that you simply cannot continue to travel without.  If you lose your passport, you have no proof of who you are.  You will lose your visas, stamps, and vital personal information that could end up in the wrong hands.  Losing your passport would not be the end of your trip, but it would certainly put a damper on it.
  3. Money cards – Whether bank, credit, debit, or something else your money cards are extremely important to the continuation of your trip.  This is your funding.  If you lose these cards you will have some serious difficulties continuing.  After all, how do you eat without money?  Buy your train tickets?  Book a room for the night?
  4. Cash – Cash is important to any trip, whether you are backpacking or on a family vacation.  If you get robbed or happen to misplace your cash you will be in for a setback.  Hopefully, you are not holding all of your money in cash, as this would be in position #2 instead.  (P.S. I do not recommend keeping that much cash on hand)
  5. Arguably anything else can be taken care of by the things listed above.  Clothes can be repurchased, electronics and accessories can be replaced.  Clearly, you could break this category down further, but I will stop here because this will change from person to person.  You will not get too far without any of the above four points.
I considered making money cards more important than your passport; however, that is not always a given.  Sure if you have access to money then you can always figure something out, but a passport replacement service is not always available through the embassy.  You can always get wired money.  

My logic with this article is that you have an idea about what your possessions are worth.  It is something that I tend to ponder from time to time when traveling.  In the past, I have outlined in my head things that I need to have and where they are in my bag.  Therefore, I am always aware that they are there, and know that I should check to make sure that they are.  As I pack up from a night’s accommodation, I always to a double-check for the things listed above before moving on.  


Have you ever had to alter your vacation or trip plans because one of these things went missing?  Comment on it, let us know what happened.


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