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Overlooking Murcia Spain

Overlooking Murcia Spain

Murcia Spain

A Few Thoughts on Murcia Spain and Quick Guide

Skyline of Murcia Spain

One of the nice things about staying in Spain for two months is the fact that I get to visit some places that are not normally visited. In fact, that is one of the interesting things about staying in any country longer. People typically go to a country with a strict itinerary with a list of ‘I-want-to-sees’, but unfortunately they are not always ‘local’ destinations. I think that in many ways, Murcia is one of these destinations.

Slipped in between the Andalusia and Valencia, Murcia is a little known autonomous region of Spain. Murcia, although an actual region of Spain, is also the capital city of the region. I found Murcia to be a really interesting city and it was surprisingly vibrant with people, not that I expect anything less from a Spanish city. Murcia has a large student population thanks to its university, and it is not too far from seafaring cities such as Cartagena or La Manga.

Cartagena Spain

I got the opportunity recently to spend a few days in Murcia. I was actually staying in a place called El Valle to be exact. El Valle, is a part of the city that is nestled into the side of the mountain which overlooks the city of Murcia. Thanks to my ability to stay at Urbany Hostel, I was within minutes of a great hike.

Senderismo Murcia España

Which way would you go?

One of the major aspects that is neat about Murcia is that it is within reach of a nature, the sea/beach, and a reasonably sized city all within about 30 minutes. One can catch some sun at the beach, then go for a hike, then finish off the night with some tapas and refreshments in the center of the city. Murcia is a city with few tourists, but many activities.

During my stay in Murcia and El Valle, the first day I made the hike up the mountain. It was really nice and challenging enough to make me sweat. I always love a good hike. The trails are well-marked, and easy to find your way.

The director of the hostel was kind enough to bring me to Cartagena and La Manga so that I could get to know those cities some. As I was told, Cartagena is a military town, but it has some interesting little streets and even a Roman Theatre.Cartagena harbor Spain

La Manga, reminded me much of something that we have in my home state of Louisiana, except their beaches were slightly nicer. In Louisiana, Lake Pontchartrain is a famous inland sea. We call it a lake, but it is actually a sea because it is filled with salt water and connects to the Gulf of Mexico. The water there is actually mixed and more brackish though. La Manga is similar in composition and layout except the salinity is higher.sunsetlamange

How to get to Murcia Spain?

Murcia Spain is well-connected with the Spanish bus company Alsa, which is the most efficient way to get to the city for backpackers. You can also get to Murcia by train and car if you wish.

Things to do in Murcia Spain?

I did not get to do everything in Murcia as my time there was brief. The city is pretty and there are some nice things to see in Murcia. If you desire them, then there are also some small day trips just outside of town. I definitely recommend making a hike in the mountain if you are in to the outdoors. There were very few people on the trails and it was quite scenic at times.

Also, if you enjoy going out and people watching, then the Plaza in the city center is perfect for you. I enjoyed just sitting and watching, but there are plenty of bars and restaurants around the area if you seek a little more.


Almost like Louisiana cookin’

Here are a few extra pictures from La Manga, Cartagena, Murcia and El Valle:Murcia10 Murcia11 Murcia8 Murcia6 Murcia5 Murcia3 Murcia2 murcia1

Have you been to Murcia before?

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