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Is Spirit Airlines making a stand for Cheap Flights in the Americas?

Is Spirit Airlines making a stand for Cheap Flights in the Americas?

$9 Cheap Flights in America, Impossible?  I think not, read on.

A few years ago Ryanair busted the European cheap flight market by offering extremely reduced fares for flexible people.  Their business model pushes non-luxurious A-to-B flights.  This model has been so successful in Europe that many have tried to make similarly structured plans.  Some similar companies exist, but Ryanair continues to lead the market.

The U.S. has traditionally not had budget flights.  Sure, certain companies claimed to have reduced fares, but not hardly on the scale of Ryanair, until now that is.  Fairly recently, Spirit Airline has emerged with a model centered around last-minute travelers and those able to fly in a more flexible time frame within a few weeks.  The fares offered are for $9 to all who are in the $9-Fare Club.  According to the site, members only pay a fee upfront, and then they are able to get access to $9 fares between selected routes.  If you time it right, Spirit can be a traveler’s dream.

My conclusion, if you are flexible and looking to travel long distances in the Americas, Spirit is a wonderful service provider.  It also helps to be near a major airport hub that the company operates from.  Check their site for more information about the $9 Fare Club.

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  1. Especially when the posts are about cheap flights! It makes you just want to take off and go exploring. Take care!

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