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Cordovan Love Notes

Cordovan Love Notes

Expressions of Love

From the streets of Córdoba, España

Typical street in Cordoba Spain

The Spanish are typically known for being some of the more warm and romantic people. I especially noted that when talking about aspects of Spanish hospitality. Outside of that though, Spanish tend to be very expressive when it comes to love and passion. They can be dramatic at times, but would often be considered to be more sensual when it comes to social settings. Physical contact is not uncommon in normal conversation.  You’ll often hear words like “un abrazo,” “beso,” or others coming from both friends and lovers.

I think that one of the more interesting things about traveling is the ability to read the culture up close and personal. Although it is only from a sample of the population, you can occasionally learn things about the people and their outlook on life. Córdoba, a city known for its warm and hospitable people, sits in the heart of Andalusia just a short ride from other cities such as Granada.

When I was traveling through Córdoba recently, I came upon a street where many different people had left their expressions of love in writing. I was able to take pictures of some of the ones that stood out to me the most so I thought that I would share them with you. Below you will find some of my favorites as well as my thoughts on what they translate into.


My translation: “In my nights of agony, suddenly and without asking permission, without advising, your memory appears in my mind and that your scent makes me fall… And in my heart halfway goes falling and thus it goes filling my emptiness, drop by drop and my sadness is repairing… and that crazy head.” (Difficult to translate poems for me because there are some misspelled words.)


My translation: “Any place is good to disappear with you. Love.”


My translation: “Nothing is more egotistical than to not let us dream, nothing is more incredible than your smile.


My translation: “Only you. You give meaning to my dreams.”

Cordovan love notes. Pienso en ti

My translation: Literally: “I think in you.” or “I am thinking of you.


My translation: “I am wanting to forget but I am unable to stop remembering.

Cordovan love notes

My translation: Literally: “The pride could to the heart.” I think: “The pride can interfere with love or the heart.” Sometimes, it is difficult to translate if you don’t know context. This one I don’t understand well.

The heart is a dictator and slave. El corazon es dictador y esclavo.

My translation: “The heart is a dictator and a slave.”

Cordovan love notes. Un minuto tiene 60 maneras de pensar en ti. One minute is 60 ways to think of you.

My translation: “A minute has 60 ways to think of you.”


My translation: “The journey has ended in your arms.” or “The destination of the journey has become complete by being with you.


My translation: “Kiss you until you are gone.

Sin ti, soy yo

My translation: “Without you, I am me.

Hope you enjoyed these Spanish expressions of love. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a better translation that what I came up with?

Don’t be shy, share the love!

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  1. Wow! I liked the posting!
    I could find a different translation for this: ”I am wanting to forget but I am unable to stop remembering.” –> Wanting to forget but without stopping remembring 🙂
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