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First off, I’d like to send a special thanks to Aryn from Driftwood and Daydreams for nominating me for the Capture the Color contest. I’ve been following Aryn for some time now and she has a really great site. She’s a polyglot with a sense of adventure for enjoying life. I admire her ability to speak multiple languages, and I hope to join her one day :). Definitely check out her site when you get a chance.

I would like to take this opportunity to send an additional special thanks to Kirsten at Travel Togruta, who also nominated me. Kirsten has a love for travel, history, and culture. One of the greatest things that I love about Kirsten’s site is her passion for continuous learning and being a lover of knowledge. This is a passion that I share with her. Check out her site as she travels around the world and shares what she learns.

I really think that it is a great opportunity to share different photography from around the world and see many different perspectives shown through color. I have enjoyed looking at Aryn’s  and Kirsten’s photos as well as some of the others that I have seen.  This capture the color contest is put on by Travel Supermarket. The basis for the contest is simple: (1) share a photo that exemplifies the colors white, green, yellow, blue, and red (2) nominate 5 fellow bloggers. To find out more about the contest, click here.

WHITE – I begin my capture the color contest with white. This photo was taken in Pamukkale, Turkey. This is not ice. It is made from calcium deposits that were formed from thousands of years of outflow from a local hot spring. A picture of Pamukkale, Turkey.

GREEN – I took this photo in Barcelona. I was walking through a local neighborhood and came upon this green house. Green also happens to be one of my favorites. A completely green house.

YELLOW – I caught this bee in action while in Þingvellir national park in Iceland. Iceland is a great place to visit. A bee on a yellow flower. BLUE – This picture was taken in Alicante, Spain on the Mediterranean coast. I was walking towards the Arabian castle when I found this stairway outlined in blue. Glad I got the photo.Blue steps RED – I took this photo of a Mayan friend for Mexican Independence Day. Lady in red. Traditional Red Mexican Dress. Full of color and life for Mexican Independence Day The 5 fellow bloggers that I nominate are: Jacqueline @, Klelia @, Natasha @ Tasha’, Laura @ TravelingJerseyGirl, The Guy @

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  1. Very interesting andy! I’ll check this out as soon as i get back to my laptop 🙂
    Kle recently posted…TRAVEL PHOTO ROULETTE ROUND 65: “THE SEA”My Profile

  2. Awesome! Thanks for nominating me! Look forward to participating and great shots! 🙂
    Jacqueline recently posted…The Secret of a Positive MindMy Profile

  3. Lovely pictures Andy.

    Many thanks for the nomination. Not sure if I have enough items suitable but will see what I find.
    The Guy recently posted…Self contained apartments in Brisbane Australia – Evolution Apartments reviewMy Profile

    • Thanks!

      I actually thought of nominating you because I thought your perspective on color photos would be different than the average “backpackers”. If you find enough let me know and I will check it out.

  4. Great selection of photos here. I think my favourite is “green”. One of the things I love most about Europe is the colourful houses that brighten up the streets.

    Good luck 🙂
    Kellie (Destination Unknown) recently posted…Travel Photography: Capture The Colour Contest #CTC13My Profile

    • There are definitely some colorful European neighborhoods Kellie! I have heard that Sweden has some, but I think that South America is also covered in them as well. I look forward to seeing those in the future 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

      P.S. You have some great photos on your site as well!

  5. Yay, glad to see your entry! I love the blue- stunning!
    Aryn recently posted…Tea Time with Couch SurfersMy Profile

  6. Awe thanks for the mention! I love the blue one!! I definitely like them all but I gotta say the blue one takes the cake 😉
    Kirsten recently posted…Capture the Colour!My Profile

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