Air Transat Review

Air Transat Review

A flight reviewFlying above the clouds with Air Transat

This past summer, I missed my flight on the way home from Europe (semi-intentionally, but that is another story).  I was supposed to take a flight from Dublin, but instead I flew from Lisbon.  Strange, but there is a method to the madness.  I was actually in Spain at the time.  Since I missed both my flight from Barcelona to Dublin, then my flight from Dublin to Boston, I knew that I had to figure something else out.  Therefore, I worked on finding a solution that wouldn’t cost me $1000s to get back to the States.  Well, what did I find?  Air Transat.  This article is a review of my experience with Air Transat: an Air Transat review.

Customer Service – I give customer service 4.5/5.  The customer representatives who I spoke with were very friendly and helpful.  The cabin staff was also quite friendly.

Food – To be totally honest, I don’t remember exactly what I had to eat on board Air Transat, but I do remember thinking, “hey, this is pretty legit.” I give them 4/5 for food.

Efficiency and Comfort – I normally don’t sleep much on flights, but the seats on this flight were definitely not very comfortable.  Also, I am around 6 feet tall so leg room is important to me.  There was little, and I couldn’t easily maneuver. I am giving them 2.5/5 stars for this one.  They are nearly average, so almost a 3.

Amenities – Although the comfort level in my individual seat was somewhat unsatisfactory, the airplane was quite nice.  We had music, there was a tv, and bathrooms were very modern.  I give them 4/5 for amenities.

 Cost – Last, but certainly not least, is the cost of the flight.  The reason that I chose Air Transat was because of its cost.  I paid slightly over $200 (~$225) for a flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Montreal, Canada.  Hard to beat eh? They get a large 5/5 for this one. Also, I didn’t have to pay any luggage fees for checking my bag, win-win for me.


My Air Transat Review

A few more good things to know…

Air Transat review

The reason that I chose to write an Air Transat Review was to show you another budget airline that you likely don’t know about. If you are on a budget and trying to get to and from Europe, Air Transat might be for you.  I was very fortunate to find them and I will likely use them again in the future.

Where do they fly?

Air Transat is a Canadian airline company.  Outside of Canadian bound flights, they fly to several American locations as well as European ones.

What do you need to do to get a cheap flight? 

I found cheap flights from the Iberian peninsula to several locations in Canada.  Specifically, Lisbon, Porto, Madrid to Montreal and Toronto.  I looked at the time of writing this article just to be sure that I didn’t get a fluke flight price, and it is true (see below).  You can find cheap one way tickets between America and Europe with this company.  You just need to get to the airports where they fly from.  For me, it was worth going the distance, and I got to check out 2 new countries (Portugal and Canada) in the process.  Once I got to Montreal, I stayed with a friend and then made my way to Boston via Megabus and Greyhound.  I booked my bus tickets early with Megabus and they cost around $10 for each leg. I cannot complain about that.  I still came out ahead and got to see many new things.  Like Burlington, Techno Sundays, old town Montreal, and more.

How did I book with them?

I used, which is my site of preference. I find that one can find the cheapest flights through, if you know how to look.  (Check out my article on finding cheap flights here.)  I have a specific way of looking for flights that I choose to use when I am finding a flight.  With enough research, I am convinced that you can find cheap flights to just about anywhere on the planet, within reason of course.  I wouldn’t have found this flight without being a bit flexible.

Was my ticket price a fluke? Did I just get ‘lucky’?

So maybe you are asking, “Alright Andy, well you just got lucky with a ~$230 flight right?” I’d answer yes and no. I certainly was able to find a cheap flight and was extremely lucky to get the flight price that I did. However, that being said, in just 5 minutes while writing this article I found a few ticket prices that weren’t too bad. They weren’t exactly $230, but not too much more compared to others. Proof here:

Airtransat on Kayak

Sometimes you should check their personal website. Another search yielded a low price on their website, but NOT on

Air Transat Review

Notice here for the same date, no Air Transat… 

Air Transat on Kayak

Moral of the story, check multiple sources. 

The Downside

The largest downside to Air Transat, would be that you need to be located in the northeast, or at least be able to get to the northeast (and Canada) to travel.


Believe or not, the purpose of writing this article wasn’t solely to write an Air Transat Review; however, I suppose it ended up being one after all. The purpose of writing this article was also to show travelers that you can still find good deals on plane tickets, even last minute if you know where to look and are slightly flexible.  Air Transat might not always be as cheap as I found it, but you can always find another airline that is giving away budget flights.

Your Turn, What do you think?

Have you ever flown with Air Transat? What do you think of my Air Transat Review?


Thanks for reading! I hope you my article helped you.

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  1. Hi Andy,
    Air Transat is actually really good and I always try to use them out of Montreal. The major problem is that they’re a charter airline, so you might have a flight going to San Jose (for example) once a week. It means you have to leave that day and come back on the same day a week or two weeks later. They’re routing also changes between winter and summer months between the Caribbean and Europe. But I always check them first before anything else, their fares good and have never had a flight cancelled. Alternatives from here: Air Canada (expensive) or the various American airlines (which means rerouting through a US city – always a headache).
    Good post, glad you discovered it.
    Frank (bbqboy)
    Frank recently posted…Montreal Canadiens 2013-14 season preview and predictionsMy Profile

    • I was really impressed with their service Frank. The airplane was like new, and the food and quality was great. I did not know that AirTransat is a charter airline. That is good to know. I noticed that their routes change when I was looking for flights a while back, but I think that they can be a great resource when you are trying to get from Europe to the US. I was amazed at the price that I found. I appreciate the tips. I’ll keep them in mind next time.

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