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5 Great Breakfasts in the USA

5 Great Breakfasts in the USA

Breakfast Foods in America

We Americans take our breakfast quite seriously.  From the staple eggs, biscuits, and bacon to the loftier and more intricate pancakes, potatoes, steak and eggs, and endless combinations that we have come up with; we love them all.

Recently, I decided to make a list of 5 of the more memorable breakfast places that I have eaten at in the United States.  Surely, there are plenty more than 5 (and I would love to hear about them).  Most of them are probably on some back country road and have been in service since long before I was born.  Nonetheless, given that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I decided to press on with what I knew in order to share the wealth.

Despite the popularity of the major companies like IHOP (International House of Pancakes), Waffle House, Denny’s, even Chik-fil-a biscuits (Yum!), and others.  I have chosen to write exclusively about the ‘Mom and Pop’ places that I have encountered.  These are places that I would gladly stop by again should I be in the area another time.

List of 5 Great Breakfasts:

  1. Juan in a Million. Location: Austin, TX.  Situated just minutes from the University of Texas, Juan in a Million is home to the best breakfast burrito that I have ever had.  That is a legendary 1lb burrito with a Texas-sized attitude.  Definitely worth a go if you are around.  Also, if my memory serves me right, it was reasonably priced as well.  Check them out here.
  2. My Big Fat Greek Cafe. Location: Denver, CO. My Big Fat Greek Cafe made this list because it took two foods that I love and combined them into a plate of awesomeness.  The two foods are eggs and gyro meat.  (Gyro style meat is a combination lamb and beef, and it is usually served in a pita or over rice.  It is similar to a Kebab, but flavored differently.) You can get an omelette that mixes the two. I suggest it.  Find them from their website here.
  3. Corner Cafe.  Location: Newport, RI. Corner Cafe is nothing extraordinary as far as combinations go; however, the food is quite good.  It is a basic straight forward food combination with an Irish flair.  I presume that the owners are Irish, or have an affinity for Irish food because of the menu’s selections, which includes Portuguese food items as well.  Check them out here.
  4. Edie’s Biscuits, Hub City Diner, or Mel’s Diner.  Location: Lafayette, LA.  I was at a loss when trying to decide between the three of these options.  They are all dear to me as they are from my hometown.  I decided to include all of them because they are great for different reasons.Edie’s specializes in the best breakfast biscuits you can find, while Mel’s is typically the place you stop by for a late night meal.  In my mind, Hub City diner is a place that you go on a Sunday morning to get breakfast, drink coffee and read the paper, but truthfully the food there is good anytime.  All are good choices.  Find Edie’s hereMel’s website here.
  5. Louie’s Cafe. Location: Baton Rouge, LA. Louie’s is the primary source of late night/breakfast food in Baton Rouge near Louisiana State University (LSU).  The Café is open 24 hours a day and is located only about a minute from LSU’s north gates.  Louie’s has proudly been serving great breakfasts since 1941.  Check them out here.


Griddle Cafe Los Angeles — the largest most ridiculous pancakes you’ll ever try.

Cheers to the small business owners who keep cooking the great breakfasts!

Did I mention that breakfast my favorite meal of the day?


It is your turn to tell me what you think!

Do you enjoy my passion for breakfast food?  Have you eaten at one of these places or have a recommendation for me?  I would always like an excuse to try a new breakfast restaurant.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  

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