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An Alligator Ate My T-Shirt
Yes that is an alligator and yes that is my BigBlogExchange t-shirt.

An Alligator Ate My T-Shirt

BigBlogExchange Begins Friday!

What Louisiana story would be more complete without the inclusion of me with some alligator shenanigans? Today I am going to tell you a story that I just couldn’t make up. Seriously, this is true.

Well, Friday is the big day. I will be beginning my new adventure with Hostelling International’s BigBlogExchange and flying off to Madrid, Spain. In light of this exchange, I was  recently given a few cool t-shirts to take with me on the exchange to promote the cause. Therefore, today I decided that I would go take some pictures with me in the shirts before I was leaving.  I wanted to show you all what the t-shirts would look like and fill you in on a few details. alligatorate3

The first pictures that I decided to take were normal. I found a really big wall map of the world and decided that they would make a good backdrop for some pictures. Here is another of them:alligatorate1

As I concluded those pictures, I was thinking of a way to make my pictures more local to show the world a bit of Louisiana. Boy did I ever. I never expected that an alligator would become so involved. I headed over to a local swamp and was taking some pictures. Then an alligator ate my t-shirt. True story. I couldn’t make this up. The proof is here:alligatorate4

Yes that is an alligator and yes that is my BigBlogExchange t-shirt.

Yes that is an alligator and yes that is my BigBlogExchange t-shirt.


So, it begins… The alligator swam off with my t-shirt.


Well, I got the shirt back… just used a little old fashioned Louisiana engineering.

So how did it happen? In the first picture you will notice the t-shirt on a brick wall, and an alligator in the background. I knew that it was there and wanted to include him in the picture. Just not that much. Apparently, the t-shirt was hanging low enough over the water that the alligator decided that it was food. So he jumped up and pulled the shirt into the water. I am no stranger to alligators so I just shrugged this off, but it made me remember that we should respect nature. Tip of the day: Alligators can be aggressive if they want.

Well, at the end of the day, I got my shirt back from the alligator. I took this as a good sign for the many adventures that this shirt would undergo. So, much for debunking stereotypes of Louisiana.

On another hand, check out what is new at I recently began making t-shirts for the site as well as completed my business cards. If you are interested in a t-shirt please let me know via email. I will not likely finish the t-shirts now, but if I get enough requests, I will put in an order and ship them out.

This is the front of the t-shirt.

This is the front of the t-shirt.


Back of the shirt

**In the meantime, just a reminder that for the time period between June 7th and June 17th (During the exchange) I will be writing on Sara will be writing on my site.alligatorate10

If you wish to follow along both of us, check out our social medias and feel free to subscribe to my blog as I will be sending out updates from Spain in the Newsletter.

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  1. Hey Andy! Looks like you have a lot of exciting new adventures and endeavors happening all at once! Congratulations! 🙂

    And no visit to Louisiana is complete without an interaction with an alligator! That shirt already has a great story and it hasn’t even left the country! haha
    Emily recently posted…The Eyes of LaosMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Emily, I am looking forward to this great adventure as it will be something new for me. I appreciate you stopping by, when I finish with this exchange, I will check out your site!

  2. Both the alligator & the author look so happy! Good luck with the trip!

  3. Wow, crazy alligators. I was told that they are not so aggressive and rarely kill, they prefer to eat food which is already dead. Just as well you weren’t wearing the shirt at the time.

    Good work on the business cards and T-Shirts. Do you mind if I ask which company you used? Were they reasonably priced.

    I’ve now got my own set of business cards and we are awaiting our first T-shirts from Vistaprint, hopefully they’ll arrive before we go away on Friday.
    The Guy recently posted…Is This Really The Most Famous Beach In The World?My Profile

    • The alligators are not so aggressive normally. This alligator is likely not scared as it is accustomed to seeing visitors, so I just got to close. They usually will eat dead things or small fish, frogs, etc. Usually won’t attack people unless they are defending the nest. I’ll fill you in on the cards check your email. Take care!

  4. Okay, I gotta know…exactly how did you get the shirt back? Did you wrestle him, or did he decide to give it back to you peacefully?

    I’d love to purchase one of your Backpacking Diplomacy tee shirts…and can’t wait to hear about the new adventures….

    • Well, I had to do some recruiting as I was not permitted to enter the lake. They used some distracting methods and a long net. I wanted to go get my shirt though. I coulda taken him :). Maybe not his big brothers or sisters though. He eventually realized that the shirt wasn’t that tasty and let it go. I will make more shirts when I return and send one your way. Just remind me!

  5. oh my god…. really…

  6. Hi Andy! Thanks for commenting on my site. I’m really impressed by your site, very cool. And I laughed seeing your youtube video on how to say thank you in 22 languages. My wife saw it, laughed, and said you’re weird :).
    Anyway, you’ve got another subscriber.
    Keep up the good blogging!
    PS. I like your floating buttons
    Frank recently posted…Eating recommendations in MontrealMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Frank! Yea, I like languages, but I am kind of a nerd about it. She isn’t the first person to call me weird :). Appreciate your support!

  7. That sounds like an awesome experience. Definitely looking forward to hearing about it. Safe Travels!

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