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Big Blog Exchange by Mindful Travel BySara

Big Blog Exchange by Mindful Travel BySara

Today you’re going to read a different post and know a different writer: Big Blog Exchange by Mindful Travel BySara. First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Sara Rodriguez, Spanish blogger who loves travel and photography. I write on my blog about my experiences, tips and feelings over 27 countries around the world.

A suitcase, a camera and lots of dreams to fulfill.

Camera expo

I’m so excited. Big Blog Exchange experience is going to be amazing and exchange blogs with Andy will be such a challenge. He is writing on my blog Mindful Travel BySara.

On my stay in United States, I will visit Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles, such an amazing cities! And I will tell you all my experiences and emotions there.
World Grunge Map - SepiaAndy was very lucky too. He’s going to visit wonderful cities in Spain and I’m sure he will love all of them!

Spain is full of contrasts. If you visit the north, you will find the best landscapes and colorful little villages, great beaches but humid weather, so is full of flora and fauna. Then you have the south, with its amazing cities like Seville, Cordoba or Granada, also long beaches with dunes and surfers in Cadiz. I think a must visit is Madrid and its surroundings, like Toledo and Segovia. Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Valencia, Galicia… Spain has so much to offer and of course, so much to eat!
Parmiter Antiques Southsea Luggage

Thank you so much to Hostelling International for this opportunity and thank you all of you that are goint to follow my Big Blog Exchange experiences through Backpacking Diplomacy.

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  1. Happy to get to know you more Sara! I welcome you to the US!

  2. Sara, welcome back to the United States. I love the photo in this post of the suitcases – can you tell me the you’ve captured in this photo? Where was it take?

  3. Sara, this is Andy’s mom — May. When I read that you were to visit LA….at first thought we would be blessed with a visit from you in our wonderful state. However, I was mistaken. May you have a wonderful visit and experience while you are here!!!

  4. Hi Sarah. If you carry the same qualities and passions of travel and blogging, you will certainly be great presence here during your stay.

    De todas formas, espero que lo disfrutes este viaje en los E.U!!! Saludos desde Luisiana!!!

  5. So cool!!! Congrats on winning this 😀 I’m looking forward to the 2014 edition and hope to get as lucky as you guys!!

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