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5 Great European Destinations for the Summer

5 Great European Destinations for the Summer

In some places spring is here, and that means Summer 2012 is fast approaching.  You are planning your trip and trying to decide on some fun places for the summer.   Here you will find 5 possible destinations to go to this summer.

5. Rimini, Italy

Italy, in general, is a usual destination for people. If you are looking for a little fun with a nice break from the city life, head over to Rimini on Italy’s Adriatic Coast.  From the city there are a few discotecas that you can find.  The nightlife is vibrant and weather is good.  While in Rimini, be sure to check out San Marino, a micro-state located just outside of the city.

4. Barcelona, Spain

A personal favorite of mine, Barcelona has what seems to be the best of both worlds.  Barcelona is a large cosmopolitan city roughly 4-5 million people in size.  In the summer time, the city’s pulse really amps up.  There are world-famous clubs located all along the beach bringing in some of the most famous Djs from around the world.  Not a huge club fan?  Well, do not worry.  Barcelona also has many artistic features such as the Gaudi houses and La Sagrada Familia, as well as historical features like Montjuic.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a small city on Croatia’s southernmost coast.  It is a beautiful yet mysterious fortress with plenty of small alleyways and architectural feats to admire.  The city is well-preserved and is also a place of pride for most Croatians.    You can enjoy the beach, hike up the mountain to get a fantastic overview of the sea, or spend your time chasing peacocks on its small harbor island.  Whatever you do, be sure to catch a sunset from outside of the walls of the fortress.  I promise it will be well worth it.

2. Greek Islands, Greece

If you have watched the news recently, you might think that Greece is no longer existent. Truth be told, Greece is undergoing some financial problems, to say the least.  However, tourism also accounts for a large amount of Greece’s annual revenues, and therefore, you can support their cause by visiting the beauties that they have to offer.  Spend a little time checking out Santorini, Milos, or Rhodes.

1. London, England

The mother of all places to visit this summer is London.  London will be hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics.  This will be a really active time and great opportunity to visit and cheer on your home country.  Granted, you will have to battle a bit with crowds, but that comes with the turf.


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