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Debunking Travel Myths

Debunking Travel Myths

Debunking Travel Myths

We have all heard the constant thoughts about traveling abroad.  Even mentioning the words traveling to others brings with it a certain connotation.  Here I have compiled my short list of a few common travel myths.

#1 Travel is Expensive

Probably the most common travel myth, is that traveling abroad is expensive.  The truth is that traveling abroad can be expensive, but it can also be done quite cheaply.  I have met people traveling around the world for up to a year and more with a few thousand dollars, whereas others can spend that within a few days.  If you know or learn how to travel efficiently and are willing to be somewhat flexible, you can travel cheaply.

#2 Travel is Dangerous

Another frequent connection to traveling, is that all traveling is dangerous.  The truth is, in my experience at least, that traveling is hardly dangerous.  I think the only difference between being at home or traveling is that when you travel your ability to understand a situation in a specific cultural and/or language context changes, which can put you into unfamiliar situations.   Also most crime abroad, is limited to petty theft directed at tourists.  If you look at the figures, crime can actually be far higher in many large U.S. cities than it is in many countries of Europe or the world. As with any city, knowing which places that you should stay away from is really the only thing that you need to know.  Use your better judgement when traveling and chances are you will not have any problems.

#3 Travel is Difficult

Traveling is not all difficult.  As you travel more, it becomes easier.  At the beginning, you will have to overcome challenges and new situations, this is true.  However, this comes with anything different that you are unfamiliar with.  Travel like everything else, takes a little practice or experience.  While you travel more you learn the best ways of doing things, what is helpful, and what is not.


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Do you have any travel myths that bug you? 

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