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Why You Should Visit Louisiana

Why You Should Visit Louisiana

My 5 Reasons to visit Louisiana

Traveling through the states is always a fun time.  The states are an interesting mixture of people, to say the least.  Usually, people will stop in the major landmarks to see things like the Grand Canyon, or New York city, but often skip the other interesting things that the states have to offer.  Truthfully, those should be done.  However, I believe there is more to see in the United States.  For this article, I would like to call your attention to Louisiana as possible destination on your trip.  My reasoning can be found below.

  1. Louisiana is culturally rich – I am fortunate in my life to have traveled to many of the states in the U.S. I even hope to visit them all one day.  One thing that I have noticed about some of the other states that I have been to is that there is a lack of local culture.  Sure, there are influences from other places and mindsets, but what I mean is the culture being ingrained in a way of life.  In Louisiana, traditions run deep in many aspects of society. Louisiana has been influenced by French, Spanish, Italians, Germans, Lebanese, Hungarians, Irish, and many more people who have left their impacts in the local life.
  2. Louisiana has great food – I never much appreciated the spices and flavors of Louisiana’s food until I traveled.  Traditionally, when in Louisiana I would eat well-seasoned foods that I was served, but I never went out of my way to season my food.  Strangely, I developed a strong desire for the addition of things like hot sauce (Louisiana made) in my food.  Louisiana is most well-known for its spicy food.  Additionally, the seafood dishes served in Louisiana are said to be some of the best.  For example, you can eat plates of oysters, fresh shrimp, and fish, or you can enjoy some of our freshwater foods such as turtle soup (a truly delicious delicacy) or boiled Crawfish (a Louisiana favorite).  In the winter, look forward to dishes like Gumbo, crawfish Étouffée, and Jambalaya.  I promise you will not be disappointed.
  3. Louisiana has New Orleans – By now, you have hopefully heard about New Orleans.  The world-famous city is known for its nightlife and colorful history.  New Orleans is one of the oldest modern cities in America, and in many ways the most European.  You can take a stroll through the French quarter and walk down 18th Century Streets, then you can hit the streets at night for a great party, or if you are lucky to come for Mardi Gras, take part in a parade.
  4. Louisiana is cheap – In my experience, relative to other US states, Louisiana is quite cheap.  Obviously, in every city you can get by cheaply if you know how, but costs are reasonable for all common social activities.
  5. Louisiana has great nature – There are many metropolitan areas around the states.  Louisiana has a few semi-sized metropolitan areas, but has been able to maintain its nature as well.  Especially in the southern part of the state, nature is a big part of local life. From hunting and fishing, to bird sanctuaries, to coastal preservation and general wildlife, Louisiana has a diverse flora and fauna.  You can take swamp tours to admire the beauty of the famed cypress tress, visit places like Avery Island and tour botanical gardens and scenic drives, or take advantage of the fishing culture in the south.

There are many reasons for why you should visit Louisiana, but to keep things simple these are the 5  good reasons to visit the state.  You can find more information on visiting Louisiana below or check out other links in my website.


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Tell me what you think!

Have you ever visited Louisiana? Or do you wish to visit the state in the future?  If you did, what was your experience like, or where would you like to go?


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  1. I appreciate the post, will be there soon.

    • No problem, I hope that you enjoy your visit to Louisiana! There is plenty of fun stuff to do and the people are very welcoming. Be sure to eat some good food!

  2. 1,2 and 4 are all things I’ve come to conclude as well. Having spent time in a number of states as well, the “rich” (read spicy) flavor of home does call out to you after a time. The highlight of my introduction lessons in Japan was the food and “spice”. I’d let kids try Tony’s just for kicks. Smell cayenne pepper and taste homemade pralines. I even did an adult cooking lesson on smothering okra. (It is used differently there). Good thing I can cook. I can take a little of Louisiana with me on the road.

    • Very cool Monica! The food here is definitely unique to the region, you just can’t find it in other places in the United States or Japan for that! I am going to check out your pictures later today, they look really awesome!

      • Really? That is nice of you to do. The form asks for a website so I just always put my photo site in those situations. I know you are busy but I do always appreciate the feedback on the photography. They all mean something me, it is interesting if they resonate with others. I travel so my camera and I can stand in front of interesting things. 🙂

  3. I’ve never made it to Louisiana, but of course it’s on my bucket list like any other places on this planet. I’m not a big fan of spicy food, but I am in love with seafood! I bet I would love Louisiana cuisine 🙂
    Agness recently posted…Thessaloniki On Less Than $25 A DayMy Profile

    • You are always welcome Agness! Not all of the food in Louisiana is spicy and of course there are different levels of spice. So, you can try a variety of foods. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think Louisiana is such a beautiful place to visit. I am interested on places that are rich in interesting culture to share to other people. Also, who would not want to visit a place where food is so delicious. I would definitely like the idea that there’s a great nature to visit for self reflection plus here it’s cheap. What more could I ask for. It would really be perfect to visit this place soon. Thanks for sharing!

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