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Hostel Conversations

Hostel Conversations

Why we travel…

Recently, when staying in a hostel in Dublin, I took part in some of the more interesting conversations that I have had in my life.  Perhaps, it was just the people or the timing, or both.  Or maybe, it was that we were all seeking the same thing: answers and knowledge.

We were all fixated on getting answers to the great philosophical questions and learning from one another, which was a beautiful thing.  It was a revitalizing experience for me as I quickly remembered both why I travel and why I am generally a supporter of hostels because of the atmosphere that they offer.

It is the conversations among the various people from around the world sitting together and sharing each others backgrounds, thoughts, and points of view that I speak of.  In my opinion, it is these conversations that will solve future problems and leave you smiling as you reminisce for years to come.  They are the thoughts that make me remember why I enjoy traveling so much.

Travel conversations, as we can call them, touch every topic from politics, religion, world poverty, education to sex, partying, and sight-seeing.  To me, more important than the topic is the openness and desire to learn that makes the difference in the end.  It gives you an opportunity to see the world through someone elses shoes.

If you can set politics aside, people are generally the same worldwide.  We all want to eat, sleep, spend time with family and friends, and most importantly have a good time doing it.

If you get the chance, get out and explore the world around you.  When you are doing so, don’t forget to talk to others from different backgrounds.  You just might learn something.

Cheers to travel conversations, keep talking and sharing my friends.


What were some of your most memorable hostel experiences?  What did you enjoy most about the experience?

Don’t forget your hostel etiquette!

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  1. I appreciate the post. It reminded me of what I loved about traveling also.

    • Sure thing Basil! That is what inspired me to write the post. I met some really great people at that hostel, and I felt the need to write about how I enjoyed it.

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