Best Breakfast in Lafayette La Louisiana

Breakfast in Lafayette La

The best in Cajun Breakfast from Lafayette Louisiana

Personally, I am a huge fan of breakfast food.  Breakfast is not only the most important and nutritious meal of the day; it is also the most delicious, depending on where you go of course.  There are many great breakfast places in Lafayette La.  They are all known for different dishes, specialties, quality,  and even atmosphere.  Rest assured, all will make your tummy happy and full.  Sure you could stop at an IHOP or Waffle House and get a reasonable meal, but you wouldn’t be getting your true southern breakfast in now would you? I have put together a list of the best breakfast in Lafayette, La, so that if you are looking you understand what each has to offer.  These breakfast places in Lafayette, are not in any particular order (I like them all :))

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1.) T-CoonsBeignets

What it’s known for: Known for its ‘Zydeco’ cooking style, T-Coons is a very local restaurant with  those flavors you’ve heard about.  The owner’s philosophy is that he sees cooking as an art.  They are passionate about delivering flavor, and have even created their own seasoning to ensure consistency in taste.  Everything is homemade with them.  T-Coons serves a variety of omelets including crawfish, shrimp, sausage, spinach, and more.  They even have a beignet dish for those with a sweet tooth. If you miss breakfast, they do lunch also.

Location: 1900 W. Pinhook Rd. At the corner of the intersection with Kaliste Saloom Road.

Hours: Daily from 5am

Price Range: $$


2.) Mel’s DinerMel's Diner

What it’s known for: Mel’s Diner is the late night food in Lafayette. Open 24 hours daily, Mel’s is the go to place for after hours food.  Driving by for lunch, the lot will be somewhat full, but after evening hours the place really fills up, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.  Claiming the best biscuits, Mel’s serves biscuits, and several omelets and other traditional breakfast items such as pancakes and waffles. On the weekends, Mel’s runs an Eggs Benedict Special from 6 am to 1 pm.

Location: 2956 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA. Mel’s has two locations, but the Johnston Street location is in the heart of Lafayette.

Hours: 24 hours daily

Price Range: $$


3.) Rusted Rooster

What it’s known for: Rusted Rooster is a new kid on the block.  Two ambitious young entrepreneurs recently opened the Rusted Rooster and it has begun its journey to become a Lafayette establishment. Rusted Rooster serves breakfast and lunches.

Location: 105 Saint Landry Street Lafayette, LA, USA

Price Range: $$


4.) Hub City DinerHub City Diner Lafayette. Hub City diner is a Lafayette establishment. Hub City reviews

What it’s known for: One of the two most famous diners in Lafayette, Hub City Diner is another classic Lafayette breakfast spot.  Hub city is an informal name for Lafayette; Lafayette’s nickname if you will.  It has a 50s, old-school diner feel to it.  Omelets, biscuits, pancakes, waffles: a very straightforward breakfast.

Location: 1412 South College Road, Lafayette, LA 70503

Price Range: $$


5.) Viva La Waffle

What it’s known for: Viva La Waffle is Lafayette’s newest in mobile food.  They serve up dishes like Nanner Nutella, Cinammon Rolls, and more.  “Celebrating all things waffle,” as they say.  Catch them if you can, and try them on the road, conveniently located near you.

Location: Lafayette on wheels

Price Range: $


6.) Edie’s BiscuitsEdie's Biscuits. Lafayette, LA (Reviews: Great biscuits!)

What it’s known for: Edie’s Express is known exclusively for their breakfast biscuits.  Open from 5 or 6 am til 11, biscuits begin flowing just after dawn.  They have many types of biscuits and they are all delicious home-style cooked.  Some are cooked with sausage, some with honey, chicken biscuits, ham, cheese, you name it.  Edie’s is located near the Hilton, just a short distance from Girard Park.

Location: 258 Bendel Rd, Lafayette, LA 70503

Price Range: $-$$ (Depending on how many biscuits you get!)


7.) Blue Dog Cafe

What it’s known for: Blue Dog Cafe is another famous breakfast place in Lafayette.  It is more of a restaurant, but on weekends one can get a good brunch.  Voted best Sunday brunch in Acadiana several times over, Blue Dog continues to be the place for mid-morning visitors on Sundays.  Sunday brunch is served from 10:30-2pm (10:30-14:00).  There is typically a live band and a good selection of food.  Blue Dog Cafe embodies the Blue Dog of George Rodrigue’s paintings, a true symbol of Louisiana.

Location: 1211 West Pinhook Rd  Lafayette, LA 70503

Price Range: $$$


8.) Meche’s Donuts

What it’s known for: Meche’s is a local bakery. It has a long tradition of being the go to for morning birds with a sweet tooth.  They are known as being one of the best king cakes around and donuts are served fresh daily.  Meche’s competes with other Lafayette bakeries such as Gambino’s, Kellers, and Southside Bakery, to name a few.

Location: Meche’s has multiple locations: 402 Guilbeau Rd, Lafayette LA or 5611 Johnston St Lafayette, LA are two central locations.

Price Range: $


9.) Dwyer’s CafeDwyer's Cafe Lafayette Louisiana

What it’s known for: Dwyer’s Cafe is very centrally located.  Situated in the heart of downtown Lafayette, Dwyer’s is long-known for serving up breakfast to hungry stomachs for years.  Dwyer’s serves traditional breakfasts as well as a select few Cajun dishes.  You can’t get too much more southern than sweet potato pancakes.  Comfort food at its finest.

Location: 323 Jefferson St, Lafayette, LA 70501

Price Range: $$


10.) Café Des Amis (no longer)

10.) Update: Cafe Des Amis

What it’s known for: Café Des Amis used to host the world-famous Zydeco breakfast.  Every Saturday morning, locals and foreigners alike would gather for a true cajun-creole style breakfast, dancing, and live zydeco music.  However recently, Buck and Johnny’s began to host the zydeco breakfast. Buck and Johnny’s, is not actually in Lafayette, but a short drive away in a town called Breaux Bridge.  The drive shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes from downtown Lafayette.  Be sure to get an early start in the morning (6am-7am) to ensure that you will get a table.  If not, you may have to wait some.


Price Range: $$


11.) The French Press

What it’s known for: Last, but certainly not least, is the French Press.  The French Press is another local favorite.  It is on East Vermillion street in downtown Lafayette, serving breakfast sandwiches, Cajun Benedict, and  some traditional favorites such as french toast and pancakes.  Closed Mondays, opened from 7am (weekday) 9am (weekend).

Location: 214 E. Vermilion Lafayette, LA 70501

Price Range: $$-$$$


Price Range Guide

For the prices above, I am assuming a customer is buying an average priced dish and a drink.

$ = 2-8

$$ = 8-12

$$$ = 12<


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  1. Some great tips there Andy. The first looks very interesting but I was amazed to hear of live music and dancing at breakfast in your last one. Great to see a true traditional old American Diner make the list too.

    • The first picture is of beignets, a New Orleans specialty treat. Fried dough, with powdered sugar, calorie free… well, maybe not. The live bands are certainly interesting experiences. They sometimes sing in French also. Cajun French that is.

  2. Thanks for putting this together! I’ve tried a few of these places, and have really liked the ones I’ve tried, but it looks like I have quite a few more to try, starting with one Tom. Morning!

  3. I’d like to add that hub city diner makes almost as good beignets as café du monde. almost. lots of places in Lafayette make beignets, festivals too, but if you’ve had them at café du monde or hub city, you’d never pay for less.. twice.

    Also, every single time I’ve been to Mel’s, the staff have been very friendly, and the service top-notch.

  4. Oh, and the wait time for breakfast at café des amis just quadrupled.. they just took out half their tables.. I didn’t mind waiting 20-40 mins to eat, but now waiting for an hour or two – (for a SINGLE seat), on an empty stomach – is absurd. Now I just wake up earlier, eat elsewhere, then head out to dance.

    TIP : once the live (zydeco) music is over, walk down the street to joie de vivre for a coffee or lunch, and some of the best Cajun music in the area..

  5. Oh boy! Some new places to try. I went to Cafe Des Amis for the first time a while back LOVED IT! Thanks for some new breakfast ideas!
    Nancie Lee recently posted…Secluded Waterfall – Weavers Creek FallsMy Profile

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