Symbols of Louisiana

Famous Symbols of Louisiana

Louisiana is characterized in many ways by its uniqueness as a state.   This is true because of its cultural heritage, foods, and insatiable lust for passing a good time.  In addition to these attributes, Louisiana is well-defined by several symbols that are unmistakably connected with the State.  Below is a list of some famous symbols of Louisiana.

CrawfishCrawfish are a staple Louisiana food in the spring of every year.  The season is short, but it isn’t without a legacy.  The Crawfish has established itself as a Louisiana symbol.  Crawfish are served in a multitude of dishes ranging from crawfish étouffée, crawfish pasta, crawfish on pizza and yes the famous crawfish boils.

Crawfish tray in Louisiana

Blue Dog – The Blue Dog has a certain symbolism in south Louisiana.  Local artist George Rodrigue, created a symbolic Blue Dog, which has become a landmark in Louisiana art.  Rodrigue’s painting are famous for a simplistic, yet distinctive blue dog,  that has taken many forms over the years.

This is a photograph of George Rodrigue's painting. Artist George Rodrigue.
This is a photograph of George Rodrigue’s painting. Artist George Rodrigue.

Fleur de Lis – One could not talk about Louisiana symbols without including the Fleur de lis.   The Louisiana fleur-de-lis, meaning lily flower in French, is an extremely versatile symbol.  The symbol’s popularity in recent years has grown quite substantially.  The symbol has evolved from a traditional fleur-de-lis to many variations which are embraced by Louisianans in a variety of ways.

hand carved fleur de lis chime

The great live oak – Live oak trees are not only found in Louisiana.  They are found in many areas around the southeastern United States, but they are still nonetheless popular in Louisiana.  They aren’t Louisiana’s most famous tree, but who could imagine a picturesque southern-style plantation home without a grand live oak and hanging moss?

Oak trees in Louisiana

Pelican –  The Louisiana brown pelican is the state bird and a very popular symbol of Louisiana.  The pelican is probably the most formal animal symbolizing Louisiana.  The Pelican sits on the Louisiana state flag as well as the state seal.

Louisiana brown pelican swimming in a lake

The magnolia flower – The magnolia flower is a quiet symbol of Louisiana.  The magnolia flower comes from the magnolia tree.  A very southern tree.

Magnolia flower Louisiana

The cypress – The cypress exists in low-lying and wet areas of Louisiana.  You can often find them near lakes and rivers, but most notably in swamps.  I included cypress not because it was just another tree, but because of the amount of uses that cypress wood has in Louisiana.  People use cypress for artwork, decoration, and carpentry.  Cypress wood, and the things made with it, is distinctly Louisiana made through and through.

cypress trees in the winter

The Mardi Gras mask and beads – Nowadays, Mardi Gras is most closely associated with New Orleans Louisiana.  However, it was not always so.  Mardi Gras, started in the rural communities of Louisiana, in places like Mamou.  Nonetheless, Mardi Gras, and the things that come with it, continues to be one of the symbols of Louisiana.

Mardi Gras beads for sale, always in New Orleans. It is really touristy to wear them whenever it is not Mardi Gras.


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