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  1. Introduction
    1. is a website and blog registered to Andy.
    2. Please read my privacy policy carefully as the contents of this policy govern your use of the website (
    3. As time goes on, terms and conditions can be modified without prior notice. Major changes will be announced via blog, but the responsibility of being current with the site’s policy lies on the visitor.
    4. is frequently updated. However, due to the nature of the site information links, tips, suggestions, pictures, and other content may become obsolete. In the event that information becomes obsolete or needs updating, site managers will attempt to make the necessary changes to the site’s information. That being said, Backpacking Diplomacy is under no obligation to make updates and it is possible for information to become obsolete or outdated.
    5. Failure to comply with policy and conditions can result in a ban or blacklisting from the website. If you do not agree with the conditions found herein this policy, please do not make use of the site’s information.
  2. Links, Link Exchanges, and Link backs
    1. By reading, you acknowledge that Backpacking Diplomacy does link to other pages both for informative purposes and networking amongst other sites. A link to a site does not constitute an endorsement of the site’s content. The internet is an open market and people suggest outlandish things on their websites at times. Links never completely equal endorsements unless otherwise stated. Usually a link suggests that the link may be useful and relevant to the article’s information or related topics in general. Backpacking Diplomacy is not responsible for the content that you may find on site links from
    2. Any links you as a visitor post to BackpackingDiplomacy shall not: (a) imply that my blog is endorsing it or any products or services that the link may offer; (b) use any logos, trademarks, pictures, or content without express written permission from; (c) be a website that contains information and content that can be offensive, controversial, defamatory, false, misleading, harassing, or inappropriate as defined by the average person; (d) infringe upon another’s rights or property of another.
    3. maintains the right to determine if any link is in breach of this policy and in so doing, remove it from the site. All links deemed to be inappropriate or false can and will be removed at the earliest possible time without notice to the link’s author.
  3. Use of the website and content
    1. All content (i.e. pictures, blog posts, articles, pages, tag lines, et cetera) found within are exclusively the property of unless otherwise stated.
    2. Due to the nature of and the information it provides, it is important to note that all information is of the post’s author’s opinion unless otherwise stated. Information is intended for entertainment purposes only and you are responsible for the choices and decisions that you make while traveling regardless of anything that you read on my site.
    3. Blog posts, articles, product and service reviews as well as cultural articles are all intended for entertainment and informative capabilities. This includes, but is not limited to directions, suggestions, and opinions.
    4. You are responsible for all of your use of
  4. Use of Material
    1. Use of the material is for entertainment purposes, content may be printed for personal use only in home. Any unauthorized use of material from is in direct violation of the user agreement and will be treated as copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is illegal and is considered to be plagiarism.
    2. Pictures and media are the property of unless otherwise noted. Pictures do occasionally come from third party sources and are always labeled as such. If you would like to use a picture from Backpacking Diplomacy, I suggest you use the contact me form or contact me directly by email. For certain circumstances, I will permit the use of my work and/or sell pictures. Bear in mind, that without written consent via a handwritten document or email from you are unauthorized to use media and pictures from this site.
    3. The website and its information are copyrighted to You are not permitted to copy and reuse articles, blog posts, or pictures without proper permission and consent from me.  I appreciate your understanding in these matters.
  5. Product Endorsements, Sponsored posts, and guest posts
    1. Guest posts are welcome on occasion. People seeking to make a guest post should carefully read over by guest post section on the contact me page as well as the guest post requirements page. Agreements to guest posts are based on content and I reserve the right to refuse any article that doesn’t fit well with my site.
    2. Sponsored posts may be supported in the future, but are currently not. In the event that is open up to sponsored posts, content will have to be relevant to the vision and goals of this site. Without an alignment among these goals, sponsored posts will not be accepted.
    3. Product endorsements are typically of products that I have personally used or someone close to me has personally used. Product endorsements are specifically to promote products that I think are worthy of promotion. There is a chance that with links to Amazon, or other affiliate sites, I may receive some compensation for referrals.
  6. Advertisements
    1. Advertising agreements may be discussed and agreed upon with direct contact to me. I reserve the right to refuse any ads for inappropriate content or content deemed unrelated to
    2. Payment for ads will be required upfront for the time period that they have been negotiated for. For example, a 1 month ad will require payment prior to the month. Deals for extended advertisements can be reached and discussed.
    3. Each advertisement may be different and have different governance based off of the agreement between myself and the advertising agency.
  7. Social Media
    1. makes use of social media as a way of building community with other bloggers, travelers, and its followers. Social media is a tool and all Backpacking Diplomacy social media accounts linked from the site are affiliated with the site. An affiliation with the site means that they are run by the site’s operator.
    2. Twitter – Twitter is a powerful networking and opinion voicing opportunity that BackpackingDiplomacy uses. The official Twitter account of is @bpack_diplomacy. In order to network and build community, the Twitter account manager will personally check out the account of each new follower. This entails visiting their websites, social media accounts, and other links that they have posted. After visiting and possibly commenting on the new follower’s information, the Twitter account manager will always retweet an article, video, picture, or something to support the new Twitter follower. A Retweet of the new follower’s account and/or links does not in any way constitute an endorsement of their site and/or an affiliation with them. Retweets never equal the opinion of the Twitter account manager unless otherwise stated. Additionally, it is the policy of Backpacking Diplomacy to follow any new follower unless their content is deemed to be inappropriate, irrelevant, or spam-like.
    3. Facebook – BackpackingDiplomacy’s Facebook page is updated nearly daily. The content posted is meant to be informative and entertaining for Facebook fans and site followers. On occasion, ‘Likes’ are exchanged with other pages. ‘Likes’ of another page do not equal endorsements nor is BackpackingDiplomacy responsible for the content which they post.
    4. YouTube – YouTube videos are another way that seeks to share information and informative content. Videos are not intended to offend anyone, but are meant to stimulate thought provoking conversations and or cultural sharing. Language videos and others sharing cultural tips, are attempts at sharing language and culture and may not be exactly correct depending on pronunciation and other bits.
    5. Other forms of social media, in addition to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, may be found on Pinterest and a few others soon. The same rules apply to these social medias.
    1. Comments are encouraged in order to build conversation and stimulate new perspectives to be shared. Comments should be respectful towards others even if they are opinionated. Comments will be monitored by the site administrator. Any comments deemed inappropriate, irresponsible, spam-like, or any similar comments, will be removed without question or notification of the author. The final say on what is deemed appropriate lies with the administrator.
  9. Indemnification
    1. You acknowledge and understand that by using this site and its information, you are doing so at your own risk. You understand that this website is to be taken “as is” and to the extent permitted by applicable law. hereby disclaims any and all warranties of non-infringement, accuracy, reliability, title, mechantability. Use for any other purposes not defined in this policy, regardless of the method, is unwarranted. does not guarantee that this site, or any attached or written content within will forever be available, nor can it be certain that the site will always be free from interruptions, errors of omission, failures, loss of information, viruses, et cetera. may suspend the site and/or withdraw information without advanced notice. shall not be liabile to you or third parties for any direct, indirect, special, punitive damages, consequential that allegedly arise out of access to the site or one’s inability to do so. This can include viruses, spam, false information from other commenters, inaccurate opinions, and outdated information. This is true regardless of the damages or shortcomings, and especially during situations where acknowledgement of false information are present. BackpackingDiplomacy’s liability will not be limited in the case of death, personal injury, and other unfortunate occurrences that may or may not be caused by BackpackingDiplomacy’s negligence. By using this site, you understand that travel is a very personal thing, and you are your best keeper when traveling. Traveling opens up the world to you, and you are responsible for yourself within that world.
    2. I hope that you find my information useful and applicable in your journey and travel goals.  Please know that all the information written on this site is a combination of my experiences, friends experiences, and experiences that I have heard or read about.  They are based off of my opinions and are aimed at being neutral and informative.  I have created this site as an aid to you and to be used as such.  My traveling perspectives are not the only ones that exist, and travelers should realize that there are other ways to travel.  Traveling is influenced by many external and uncontrollable factors that supersede any pre-trip research, and each person’s experience with the same place can be completely different.  Please know that schedules, times, prices, companies, currencies, and much more change overtime so any information on this site that is dated may need updating from time to time.  The information written on this site is my own unless otherwise quoted or cited.
  10. General
    1. Cookies – Cookies may or may not be collected by your search engines and this site. does not maintain the records of anyone’s personal information outside of an email list for subscribers, which will always be kept personal. It is not my intention to collect any information on people outside of the common traffic stats used for SEO site management and analytics.
    2. Contact

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  1. Hope you enjoy the site.
  2. Questions, Complaints, and Inquiries
    1. Questions, complaints, inquiries, and concerns may be directed at Andy by email at

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