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Hostel Consulting

Get hostel consulting!

I have worked, managed, volunteered, and stayed in a large number of hostels in the a variety of countries. If you are a hostel owner, manager, or are thinking about setting up a hostel, I can help you.

Depending on the hostel-type and set up, I may be able to help to varying degrees. I can help out with the following:

  • Improve your hostel
  • Increase reviews and bookings
  • Create an online social media presence for your hostel
  • Create a website for your hostel
  • Add character and personality to your hostel
  • Create effective systems for managing your hostel
  • Create employee and management handbooks, how to guides, et cetera
  • Give suggestions for helping to improve the guest experience
  • Confused at what rules you need at your hostel

Do you have other questions? If so, feel free to contact me. I will be able to tell you if I may help you or not.


How much does it cost?

Fortunately for you, I recognize that hostels are typically small business operations with limited budgets. Therefore, my rates will vary according per project based on the scale of the job and time required. I also will consider offers for room and board if I am able to travel. To contact me with a question is free. If you decide that you want my help, we can negotiate an offer.

Why use me?

What I offer is a different perspective. I can review your business and the way it operates and teach you how to save some money on costs, potential improvements that you can make, or things that you can offer to make the experience better for your guests. No two hostels are exactly the same so there is no one size fits all solution. I am not offering miracles, but I do have some ideas on improving efficiency and effectiveness.

How to reach me?

You can contact me via email at: backpackingdiplomacy (at) gmail dot com.  Or you can use the contact form found on the Contact Me page.

Other helpful information!

I have also written a few articles on improving your hostel. You can find them here.

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