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Big Blog Exchange Experience: First Impressions

Big Blog Exchange Experience: First Impressions

A trip I’ve been waiting for months, planning, reading about each destination in order to squeeze the most of this experience.

On Thursday I was nervous, finishing my suitcase; I couldn’t forget anything important: my computer to write every moment of the trip, my camera with which I will take pictures of monuments, people, landscapes… and I always carry with me in every new experience, great enthusiasm and desire to know and learn.

Welcome to USA
Friday morning began early, at 7:30 am, I had to leave everything ready to go to the airport. I woke up with that particular illusion that only feel when I‘m traveling.
Check in ready, suitcase delivered I’m passed over security and now at the boarding gate.My first destination is waiting for me!

Boarding to Boston
Boston is a city that I’ve been wanting to know. Many friends had visited it and I had heard all the marvels of this historic university city. Andy, in his post Guide to my country for Sara has given me some good tips to get and make the most of the city.

My biggest dream is to go from start to finish through the famous Freedom Trail and visit all the monuments and historic buildings of it. I will follow the red line and photograph every corner.

Boston Freedom Tral

I will walk through the Boston Common, Boston Downtown, Chinatown, North End, eat at Quincy Market, I will visit Cambridge, Harvard and MIT, will cross the Charles Rivere to see firsthand the college life…  and one of the tours I’ve been wanting to do once in a lifetime: whale watching. Will I get lucky and I can see them up close?

At the moment I landed in Boston, I left my bags at the hostel and I am about to start my journey tirelessly for this wonderful city. They say first impressions are what count, and I have been very positive! Mindful Travel, Welcome to Boston!

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  1. good luck
    wish u could come to lafayette

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