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Czech Republic

Country Profile: Czech Republic

Currency: Czech Koruna

Language: Czech

Visa Required?: Check here for your country listing.

Most Visited Cities: Prague

Famous Landmark: Prague Castle

National Train: My Czech Trains

National Bus: My Czech Bus

Overview: The Czech Republic is an interesting place to visit.  There is a rich Slavic history mixed with the emergence of a modern state since the end of Czechoslovakia.  Entering to the Czech from Germany was a neat experience because it was almost as if I saw the culture change before my eyes.  Czech is very centrally located in Europe.  It is only a few hours from southern Germany or Berlin.  Austria is to the south, and you are technically in Eastern Europe.  To me Czech represents the area where you travel from what is traditionally called Western Europe to what is commonly referred to as Eastern Europe.

Prague is truly a special city full of excitement and energy.  There are also some great things to see.  If you make it to Prague, be sure to walk up the hill overlooking the city.  It is quite the view.



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