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Learning about Girona

Girona colorful buildings

I have passed through Girona a few times in the past as it is a popular airport for people on their way to Barcelona. Even though I have heard good things about it, I never got the opportunity to actually visit the city until now. Getting to know Girona has been pleasant as I really had no idea what to expect from it. I did not know the geography, history, or even layout of the city. All that I knew was that it has an airport and is within an hour or so of Barcelona.

Truthfully, Girona is a nice city to visit. It has a several nice things to do and the layout of the city is constructed around the Riu Ter, which passes through the heart of the city. Girona is next to Les Gavarres national park and about one hour from Barcelona. Girona is a city of fairly significant importance to the Iberian Jews commonly known as Sephardic. The Sephardic Jews lived in Spain until the Spanish Inquisition of both Muslims and Jews. It is interesting to note, that the Sephardic Jews spoke a language called Ladino, which is still spoken by some in Israel. Ladino is a variation of Spanish.Girona Jewish Quarter

In order to get a good feel for any city, I typically walk around the first day with no intentions of going any particular direction. I was able to do this with ease as Girona is not too large and quite easy to navigate. The old town area is something that you can check out in a day if you really wanted to, but obviously could take more time if you would like to have a more in-depth look.

Some things to do in Girona

One of the things that I enjoyed was taking a walk through the Jewish area of the old town. Its style is very indicative of something that you might see in the region of Andalusia or in the Middle East with small curvy streets and stone created buildings. Walking the city wall is also nice as it gives you perspective for the size of the city and a different perspective on the different buildings there. In addition, there are some hiking trails around the city that start at the end of the Jewish part.

One of the more interesting things that I visited was the Museu del Cinema. If you have never visited one, then I strongly suggest a visit. My whole vision of what filming, movies, and the like was completely changed by visiting the museum. I think that now of days we are accustomed to Hollywood movies and action-packed films with computer generated images, but movies and films were not always such. There was a long evolutionary process that got us to where we are today with films. Films were not always just a means of entertainment. Both photographs and films can also be looked at as a way of capturing life in action. For example, I read about on Chinese emperor who used imagery and shadows as a means of remembering his late wife for who he longed. We take it for granted that we have pictures and internet search engines to provide us with what something might look like, but for millions of years, the only thing we could rely on was someone’s drawing and opinion. It is a technological evolution that we all enjoy and should have a deeper appreciation for. Girona museu del cinema

Those who enjoy churches and cathedrals and architecture in general would likely enjoy taking a look inside the several churches that you can find in the old town. Lastly, I visited the cultural center where I watched a Jazz concert live for free. The cultural center often houses concerts open to the public. If music is your thing, the check out the concerts that are playing during your stay.

Some interesting facts about Girona, with respect to two of the bridges there at least, is that one of them was designed by the architect of the Eiffel Tower and the other uses the same ground pave stones as Barcelona’s Passeig de Gracia. I thought both were interesting insider facts that connect Girona with other cities. girona bridge Eiffel tower architect

Accommodation in Girona

When I visited Girona, I stayed in the Albergue Cerveri de Girona, which is located very near to what one could consider the center of the old town. For someone looking to arrive and have easy access to many of the towns attractions it does satisfy this. I also visited Urbany Hostel, which is located just outside the old town in Plaça Catalunya. It is within five minutes walking from the other Albergue and the sites, and it is complete with a rooftop terrace that overlooks the city. If you like views from above, you’ll definitely enjoy this one with a beverage.Estrella Damm cold beer Girona

Pictures of Girona

Here are a few more images of Girona to show what it is like.Girona16 Girona13 Girona15 Girona11 Girona12 Girona8 Girona7 Girona6 park in girona spain girona1 Girona2 Girona3


Have you been to Girona before?


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  1. Another great review. It sounds like an interesting place which I’m sure I’d love walking around too. A free jazz concert also sounds great for me.
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    • Yes, it is a nice city! I think you’d enjoy the sites. The jazz concert was an added bonus. I am amazed that jazz is so popular everywhere. It is just like home!

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