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My Tangibly Un-tangible Bucket List
Touching history, the ancient Greek writings of Ephesus Turkey.

My Tangibly Un-tangible Bucket List

What is on my Bucket List?

O the bucket list. People have long talked about their life-long dreams and things that they have always wanted to do. In modern society, this list has been called the ‘bucket list’. Most people rarely complete the items on their list, but some do get their chance. I think that it would be common to see items on a bucket list like “See the Eiffel Tower” or “Visit Machu Picchu” even things like “Complete a marathon”. Sure, I can say that I’d like to do those, but my list is slightly different. I have these weird notions on my bucket list that aren’t typically things that are sought after. A few of them are physical and can be done with a simple plane ticket, but some of them cannot be specifically found; thus, I leave them only to destiny and fate.

My chances of completing this list depend solely on the will of the world. If the world wills it, I will be grateful. Well, here it goes my bucket list…

1.) Visit every major region in the world

Why? I really want to be well-rounded as far as my knowledge of the world. As I have mentioned in other sections of my site, the field that I am most passionate about is foreign relations/international affairs. I think the best way to understand the world at-large is to have a general grasp of the way of life in each region. Visiting helps you see others aspects that you perhaps never would have thought of earlier.


2.) Have a meaningful conversation with at least one person from every country on Earth

Why? This might seem a bit superficial, but I don’t think that it really is. I am not saying that I want to take a picture with a person from every place or anything like that. I really enjoy meeting people of all types. Even if I don’t agree with them, I still like to learn more about their perspective on the world.  This helps me to view my world differently. I am well on my way to accomplishing this, but I still have some countries to go.  As a teacher once told me,”I never learned anything from someone that I agreed with.”


3.) Visit every state in the United StatesA road trip to New York from Louisiana with a friend

Why? Know thy country. I really want to be able to fully understand my country.  I have always found it interesting how people will travel around but never know their own country. I understand why this happens because home is more similar and not really that interesting or exotic. Nonetheless, I want to see all the US of A. I am currently at 38 states. Hoping to cross off a few more this summer.  Bring it on Maine, the Dakotas, and the other 10!


4.) Live more than one year abroad

Why? I have spent about 8 months collectively outside of the US according to my calculations. I hope to spend more. Short trips don’t really give you any appreciation for a place. You have to live somewhere to experience it and really ever come to know it.


5.) Worship with ever major religion

Why? This might be controversial to some, but I really have grown to respect everyone’s right to believe what they want. Fundamentally, all religions seem to have a root in something eerily similar. I see religion as an interesting dynamic in different cultures around the world, and I would be glad to worship with each one of them.


6.) Connect with my roots and visit the towns of my ancestors

Why? I firmly believe that to know yourself, you have to know your past. To know where you are going, you have to know where you come from. I find it sad that so many who live in immigrant nations, have no connection to their ancestors.  I want to visit the lands of all of my forefathers and connect with the cultures that they left ages ago.


7.) See the ancient wonders

Touching history, the ancient Greek writings of Ephesus Turkey.

Touching history, the ancient Greek writings of Ephesus Turkey.

Why? I am an ancient wonders junky. I LOVE ancient history. It keeps me entertained for hours. I  have been to a few of the ancients, but I still have a few to go.  Let’s do it North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Tiwanaku.


9.) Go on a unplanned Motorcycle road tripThis is my scooter and I before I sold it.

Why? I owned a scooter a few years ago and miss it dearly.  I have always dreamed of just driving out west (America) or driving across a great open space with absolutely no plans. Just enjoying the ride and taking it as it goes.  I hope to do it one day!


10.) Participate in a tribal ceremonyMe at the Lafayette Holi Festival Louisiana 2013. Lafayette Holi Festival was a blast.

Why? I hate the fact that some cultural events have become so touristy, but I’d still like to take part in an authentic tribal ritual. I’m talking something in the middle of the Amazon jungle where people look at me funny kind of ceremony.


11.) Trans-Siberian railway (full journey of course)

Jersey train might not be the trans-Siberian, but I'll dream it until I get there.

Jersey train might not be the trans-Siberian, but I’ll dream it until I get there.

Why? I’m not really sure what is so appealing about sitting on a train for a week and a half drinking tea while discussing politics in broken Russian. Perhaps, it is the idea of crossing the largest country in the world, or heading through Central Asia. I’m not really sure, but I want to do it.


12.) Meet a president

Why? I think that it would be cool to have a tea or grab a beer with a president. Just because. Why not?

13.) Ride a dune buggy through the desertThe Moroccan Sahara

Why? For a few years now, I have had this strange thought of driving across the desert jamming to Desert Rose by Sting.  Don’t know why, but I think that it would be cool.  Dune buggy driving looks wild and fun.


14.) Walk across a country

Why? I know it is different, but I enjoy walking. When most take transportation or pay for the taxi, I walk. An extra mile or km or two never hurt anybody. I’d like to traverse an entire country on foot. It is the best way to really see everything up close and personal without a glass window separating you from the elements.


15.) Spend a week in the middle of nowhere

Why? I really would like to camp more, I just don’t do it much. I think that it would be cool to camp out somewhere for a while and really gain a respect for what nature is all about. Away from this computer, my cell phone, loud noises, and the like.



As of now, that concludes my tangibly un-tangible bucket list. It might grow in the future, but that is what I could come up with at the moment. What do you think? What items are on your bucket list?


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I appreciate you stopping by!

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  1. I love a good bucket list… and you’ve got some great ones! Mine’s a bit like yours… some things would be relatively easy to do (just get on a plane and go style ones), and others are definitely left up to fate. Your president one made me laugh… I have “Fly Air Force One” on my list!

    • Cheers for aiming high! Hope that you get to knock off your bucket list items soon! Take care and happy travels. I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Intravenus De Milo

    I have lived abroad for a total of 7 years.. in Micronesia (4 years), Japan(2 years), and the Philippines(1 year). Each time I returned to the USA, it was a very jarring experience. I’ve been here, in Texas, for the last 5 years, and I feel like it’s time to return to the Pacific. I miss it so much.

    • That is an awesome few years of experience! Hopefully for you, you get some time to travel again. You must be an islander at heart? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great bucket list, Andy! Here’s a tip for when you do the Trans-Siberian: take roller skates. I’ll never forget meeting a Swedish traveler named Freddie who went everywhere on his roller skates. He said they came in VERY handy on the Trans-Siberian, because by Day 5, you want to have a bit of ground elevation in the toilets, if you know what I mean. 🙂
    Laura Zera recently posted…You and Mental Health: A Specialized First Aid ClassMy Profile

  4. Awesome bucket list. I started writing up mine yesterday and you have a couple of mine on it (the desert and trans-Siberian rail) so far. And I love anything ancient – I cannot get enough of visiting the ancient wonders!
    Marsha recently posted…Top 10 London Sights – Part 2My Profile

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