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Águilas… Well Worth The Effort

Águilas… Well Worth The Effort

Don’t Pass Up A Challenge

It might be worth it.

Aguilas hiking trail

There is something to be said about the good things in life. Really, if you’ve ever wondered about why you enjoy things so much better when they do not come so easily, then it is definitely because the harder you work for something the better the reward. I was reminded of this when I recently arrived in Águilas, España.

Perhaps, I did not have to spend long days, months, and years to arrive in the city as some people do to complete a goal, but it was not the easiest city to arrive in. Águilas is a small coastal town in the State of Murcia. Tucked away, it is not a likely destination for most backpackers. In fact, I may never have come here if it weren’t for my current tour of Spain with Urbany Hostel, Hostelling International’s Spanish conglomerate.aguilashike2

When I first searched for the bus schedule with Alsa, I could not find the best way to arrive in the city. Typically when I travel in Spain, I use Alsa as they are a good and reliable bus company, but in this case Águilas was just too local. After some bus changes, I arrived in Águilas, then realized that I was to go to Calarreona, a small enclave of Águilas, located about 6 kilometers just outside of the center. It may sound strange, but I chose to walk. I didn’t choose to walk because I didn’t want to pay a cab or ask someone for a ride.  It is challenging to walk with a heavy backpack, but walking is the best way to get to know a country in my opinion. I chose to walk because for me it is part of the journey, and for me embracing the walk is a part of the whole.

I strolled into Calarreona around 11pm (23:00) and was greeted with a big smile and a handshake. After a quick tour of the facilities, I retired to my room for some much needed relaxation. Tonight, I was to stay at Albergue Calarreona, which I later found out was conveniently located on the ocean. My room was quite nice, but I didn’t know just how beautiful the surrounding landscape is.  Needless to say, after all the buildup I had my doubts, as I think you always do when you are challenged. But my how wrong I was.

There are 0 people on that beach by the way.

There are 0 people on that beach by the way.

Just after breakfast the preceding morning, I set off to do some hiking. I had been told the night before that there was some hiking trail that connected the surrounding beaches. So, I thought it would be nice to check out since I am always up for a good hike.aguilashike5aguilashike1

In walking, I found seemingly abandoned beaches, beautiful rock cliffs, and breathtaking scenery. It was almost a godsend as I needed some recuperation and exercise. I trekked up hills and over rocks, then found a nice place to sit and stare off into the colorful Mediterranean. For me, it was serene.aguilashike6

For next time, I’ll remember that it might be worth the trouble to get somewhere or do something challenging.  Don’t forget to take on those challenges in life. Don’t always pick the easy and low-hanging fruits. It just may be that the sweetest ones are at the top.


What challenges have you had recently that were totally worth the end result?

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  1. The coves and beaches look very appealing and I dare say the sun was blazing hot. Thanks for the tip, it looks like a place well worth a visit.
    The Guy recently posted…My Life As An Expat In The Face Of TerrorismMy Profile

  2. The place looks like a dessert with a sea. Did you enjoy swimming there?
    Jemma recently posted…Tourist Spots in Baguio City, PhilippinesMy Profile

  3. Water must have felt good. Putting Águilas on my list for next time.

    • Water was warm Jordan, but a bit rough in some areas. It depends on the wind I suppose. I definitely enjoyed the isolation of Aguilas. It is a coastal town, but at the same time, there are not too many people like other beaches in Spain.
      Andy recently posted…Día de San JuanMy Profile

  4. Other things to do in Aguilas …..
    Manuel recently posted…Tourism Competitiveness Plan Aguilas, Sea and Fisheries.My Profile

  5. Hi Andy! I live in Aguilas and I just saw the email I received from CoachSurfing were I read you were staying in Aguilas for some days, what a pity I didn’t see it before in order to try to meet with you to talk a bit in English to improve my speaking. But anyway I’m happy you liked Aguilas and I hope you have a nice tour around Spain! 😉

  6. hi Andy nice post. lots of memories, i used to live near Murcia, and visited Aguilas as well. Nice place to visit, and the beaches are great.

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