A Beautiful Sight – Moraira

Moraira Spain

Moraira Spain

I just left the city of Moraira yesterday. Moraira is a Spanish coastal city that is slightly of the traditional path. It is located in the region of Valencia, just outside the city of Teulada. Moraira is a popular destination for ex-pats (mainly English, German, & Russian) who have played a major part in the construction of the city’s villas and attractions. Moraira Spainen

Moraira, traditionally small fishing village, has emerged into a very private and exquisite area for those who like to both soak up the Spanish sun while enjoying nice scenery, while enjoying some an err of luxury on the side. Most of Moraira is very concentrated in a few city streets as well as a few neighborhoods that surround the shores and hills of the coastline. Moraira Espana

When in Moraira, I was staying at the Albergue, Urbany Hostel, which was located within 5 minutes walking of the beach and central square area.

Visitors to Moraira would enjoy a walk around the coastline and the city’s center. There are many little cafes and restaurants that overlook the marina or water, which if you cannot see in the pictures is beautiful. Moraira9 Moraira8

One of the things that I did, which I really enjoyed was hiking. There are about 5 major trails around Moraira for hiking (or senderismo), but I hiked the one near Cap D’Oro. It was not a long hike, but the scenery was amazing. What I found interesting was the difference of both sides. On one side was a shallow lagoon with gradually deepening water while on the other side jagged cliffs and deep blue Mediterranean sea.  On the jagged side, I came across an interesting cave with a plaque stating that the area dated back to pre-historic times.

Moraira6 Moraira3 Moraira5



Moraira España


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