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The technology age has definitely arrived.  Although many people go on vacations to get away from the technologies of everyday lives, the age of cell phone dominance is here to stay.  In this article, I have done some research and found a few travel apps that could become quite useful on your trip, whether you are backpacking, looking for cheap flights, budgeting, or even just some travel tips.

Depending on which kind of Smartphone you have, most of these are made for different types.  I have specifically compiled this list for you, keeping your travel budget in mind.  They are all free, but also offer services that can save you some money while traveling.

Xe Currency Converter – (Free) A must have for any traveler looking to get the latest exchanges rates for their currency.  Click here for Iphones.  Click here for Android.

Kayak Flight Search – (Free) Looking to find some good deals on flights?  Look to Kayak.  Here for the app.

Google Translate – (Free) A very helpful app when you are traveling to foreign and unfamiliar lands, where language barriers might be an issue.  Schedule your tickets, order meals, and get directions by using Google Translate.  Android.  Iphone.

Public Wi-fi Finder – (Free) This is an app that helps you to find local sources of free public wireless internet.  This can be a lifesaver when you need to check last-minute flight details or get directions to your hostel.  It can also be useful when you are just looking to check your email or social network.  Iphone here. Android here.

World Customs –  (Free) This app gives you informative tips on different cultures and customs practices around the world.  It can be a useful tool in practicing proper etiquette or just to learn.  Click here if you have an Iphone.

Skype – (Free) Keep in contact with your family and friends.  Get the Skype app for calling home.  Links can be found here to your Smartphone.

Smart Traveler  – (Free) Smart Traveler uses the U.S. Department of State’s information to give you valuable information by country.  It can be found here.

Share-a-bill – (Free) Share-a-bill is a helpful budgeting app for keeping people traveling in groups squared away.  For example, you can keep track of how much each person pays towards each thing so that you know how much each person owes one another.  If you think that this app could be useful, check it out here. Similar apps for Android.

Surely, this list is not inclusive of all the travel apps out there. However, if you seek more try checking out the Iphone app store, or Android App Store.

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