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Interesting World Documentaries

Interesting World Documentaries

World Documentaries Online

A few good films that will make you think

I don’t spend too much time watching TV anymore.  In fact, I don’t think that I will have a TV when I eventually move to a new residence.  If I do watch TV, I will usually spend my time watching History, Discovery, Comedy, Nat Geo, the Travel Channel, or something of the like.  Outside of TV though, one of the things that I enjoy watching are documentaries.  Although some documentaries have a political lean or subliminal message, some documentaries are authentic and wholesome views aiming only to demonstrate another world or topic to you.  From my perspective, documentaries are a great way to experience another culture from the outside. Here is a list of a few world documentaries online that will change the way you think.  I also include some links to these documentaries.

Please include your favorite documentaries below!

1.) Life in a day – Life in a day is a very simple yet intriguingly complex documentary.  It was filmed a few years ago, by YOU.  People from around the world sent in their footage of their day.  Thus, the documentary is a compilation of home footage from everyday people around the world from morning til night.  Its message has stuck with me. It is very touching (especially the Korean’s story).  I suggest the watch.

Where to watch it: You can find it on YouTube for FREE.  Type: Life in a day in the search bar.



2.) Africa: What are we doing here? – Four brothers from the US, embark on a journey of Africa to answer the question: What are we doing here? If all of this foreign aid goes to Africa, why is it not improving.  They travel from Cairo to Capetown over a 6-month period.  Their findings are almost unbelievable, which is why the documentary has stuck with me.

Where to watch it: This one actually costs a few dollars.  The reason isn’t because it is a for profit organization though, it is because they support their mission through this effort, among others.  Find more information here:



3.) When the Moors ruled Europe –  A friend sent this one to me recently.  I found it to be very interesting. I learned many things about the effects that the Moors left in Europe.  Their legacy was quite extensive and lives on til this day.  There are many topics in this video that most will never study in class.

Where to watch it: You can watch this video for FREE at or


4.) Skid Row (Full Movie) – A movie where a musician goes incognito into one of the United States worst areas, Skid Row of downtown Los Angeles.




What are your thoughts?

Which is your favorite world documentary online?  What topics do you like to watch documentaries on? Please send me your favorites, I love new documentaries!


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  1. If you haven’t already seen the BBC’s Tribe series, I highly recommend it (there are two seasons, I think). I don’t normally like documentaries with a presenter, but the guy in this show doesn’t make it about himself – the focus is still on the amazing places he goes and the people he meets.

  2. Thanks for this came in handy this afternoon bored out of mind with nothing to do, and you gave me an idea to host travel documentaries on my site( I just finished The Human experience & A map for saturday. If you haven’t heard of either one of those you should check em out. Hopefully Ill get a good list of them posted by the weekend incase anyone is interested.

    • Sure thing Adam, glad that I could get you some entertaining stuff to do this weekend. I am going to be adding some more documentaries eventually as I find them. I will be sure to check out the ones you suggested. Thanks for stopping by!

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