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Contributors and Guest Writers

Contributors and Guest Writers

Become a Guest Writer for a Travel Blog

Interested in becoming a contributor or guest writer for Backpacking Diplomacy?

We are looking for people with good writing skills and different perspectives on traveling. If you have travel experience, writing skills, and a desire to share with others, then this may be an opportunity for you. We are additionally looking to reach out to extended audiences.  Therefore, if you have language skills in Spanish, Italian, French, or Portuguese that would be a nice addition.

Why be a guest writer for a travel blog?

Guest writing for travel blogs is a two-way street.  It benefits the website that you are posting on, and it also benefits you as the writer.  Most guest writing positions are not paid, but you get exposure to a new audience from an established site.  Additionally, you get a chance to practice your writing skills to a ‘live’ audience.

Sites can benefit from a guest writer because they are gaining a different perspective.  Also, they are gaining new and valuable experiences to add to their site’s portfolio.

Who Should Contact Us?

People who are genuinely interested in becoming a guest writer for a travel blog and know what effort goes into the process.  If you have the skills that we’ve listed above and think that you would be interested in an assignment.  Then, contact us.  You can use email, the contact form, or Facebook.  Preferably email.  In the subject write “Guest Writer Backpacking Diplomacy”.

**Please Read Before Emailing**

We’d like for you to be able to show me that you have some former web presence writing for another blog, or your own.  If you have previous work, please include links (preferably 3-5) to your posts clearly labelled as you being the author.  We don’t discriminate against new bloggers, so if you are interested in writing, but don’t have any experience, contact us and we can discuss it.

Criteria for guest post submissions:

  • So we know you’ve read this, please include a “Hola Backpacking Diplomacy!” in your email’s opening line
  • submissions must be between 350-700 words
  • must include related and original pictures that are royalty free
  • relevant to the website’s content and vision

Understand that if we agree to look at your article, we are not obligated to post it.  Please do not be offended if your article doesn’t get chosen for a guest post.  Due to the variety and volume of requests that we get, we cannot post every article or request that we receive. is a specific site and we make careful consideration to include content that works well with the topics on the site.  

We are not willing to post sponsored articles promoting products, companies, or websites.  However, we may be able to provide an author tag and/or linkback for selected articles.

A few examples of former guest posts:

An Interview with Savannah Grace

How you can help fellow travel bloggers (Co-authored with The Guy from

4 Cities to Visit in Belgium (Shane from


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