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Tales from the Balkans

The Balkans are beautiful.  The scenery is wonderful and many countries in the Balkans have a lot to offer.

The Balkans A backpacker’s view of the Balkan War and its lasting impact Brief History of the Balkans and its Recent War The Balkans are a very colorful and historically rich region in Europe.  The Balkans loosely consist of all the countries south of Slovenia and Romania.  Definitions change depending on who you ask, but most would say that Turkey ... Read More »

Why you should visit the Balkans

The Turkish part of town in the center of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  This architecture here is very similar to things that you'd see in parts of Turkey.

Visit the Balkans A Few Quick Reasons to Visit the Balkans The Balkans combine to make a region of Europe that is often passed over by visitors.  In fact, there are far few visitors to Eastern Europe annually than to most Western European nations.  The most visited places in Europe tend to be France (Paris), Italy (Rome), Spain (Barcelona), and ... Read More »