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Thoughts on culture

Street art: Is there a purpose? Plus Mission District

How influential is street art to society? Whenever I visit any new city, I usually look for that one neighborhood that has a unique character to it. It might not be the most visited nor the most recommended of any particular place, but it almost always has a story to tell. A story that might not be verbal. A story ... Read More »

You would have never left home

A Quick Refresher Lesson in Why I Travel The other day I had a wonderful discussion with someone that I thought I would share. The person, a middle-aged man who has lived the better half of his life as a nomad. He grew up as an expat child and continued on from there. Traveling is, as he put it, in ... Read More »

A day as a Muslim

Muslim for a Day The day I visited a mosque during Ramadan One of the things that I love so much about traveling is the opportunity to throw away past prejudices and assumptions and learn about other’s points of views in real-time for myself. When we do this as travelers, we are able to humanize people and reduce the extreme ... Read More »

Southern Hospitality Must Be International

Spanish Hospitality A special thanks to the Spanish As many of you know, I am from the south. Traditionally, the southern states of the U.S. are known for their hospitality and warm-minded attitude towards others. This is especially true my home state of Louisiana. Seriously, if you thought chivalry and manners were dead, you clearly haven’t made your way down ... Read More »

Respecting Culture when you Travel

How to make it happen One of my greatest adventures in traveling is cultural immersion.  I usually take it a step further than most would consider normal, but I am alright with that.  Most would say that it is too difficult when you are traveling to adhere to all cultures.  This notion is true to a certain extent, but I ... Read More »

Cultural Immersion

Peruvian Market

How to immerse yourself in a culture The best way to get to know something is to become it One of the biggest goals of mine when traveling is cultural immersion.  Cultural immersion is a huge topic to me because I believe it to be the only way to truly experience another country.  When I travel, I spend almost all ... Read More »

5 Point Diplomacy: Leaving a good impression

How to leave a favorable impression with internationals There is a new buzz phrase associated with diplomacy.  The phrase is not completely synonymous with the idea of new diplomacy, but it is close.  The phrase is soft diplomacy.  Soft diplomacy refers to the notion that you relate to people on a personal level and learn differences among one another through ... Read More »

Comparing nuns to muslim women (Photos)

Nuns and Muslim Women: Is there a difference? With the rise of religious tension heating up around the world, one begins to wonder which of these tensions are justified and which ones aren’t.  Seemingly, the latest trend has been a contrast between ‘Muslim’ people and the Western world.  Much like Christianity, Islam is one of the largest 3 religions in ... Read More »

Speaking to internationals in any language

Why would you throw a rock at a post card vendor? 8 Tips for speaking to internationals and communicating in any language This article is about exactly what it sounds.  If you have ever been frustrated before when speaking to locals in a new language that you are learning, then you will probably appreciate what I am about to say. ... Read More »

Are Yankees Rude?

Northern vs. Southern A Comparison between the North and the South I vividly remember walking around in a New England city  when I was a little boy and being dumbfounded when someone didn’t say “excuse me” when they bumped into me.  Since then, I have been mildly perplexed by the idea of northerners vs southerners, from a cultural standpoint.  Time ... Read More »